[Beta Video] Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires for Android

With the release of Angry Birds Beta, we saw how much excitement (340+ comments) a game can generate prior to its launch on Android Market. While Spectral Souls hasn’t quite reached that same level of intensity, it’s definitely getting some buzz on AndroidForums. The tactical RPG is already available on PS2 / PSP / PS3 and Xbox360 in Japan, but its upcoming release on Android will break a bit of new ground.

Check out the demo video of the Spectral Souls .8 Beta:

If you love games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Exzeus hopes you’ll love the games they’re making for Android including Specral Souls and Exzeus Arcade. They’ll be showing both of at the Google Developer Day in Tokyo tomorrow.

One of the developers took a few moments to share some extra insight:

The game will be as deep and hard as one could expect from a Final Fantasy Tactics on mobile if it was existing, this is really a big RPG game packed with lot of graphics for a mere total of 1GB data so be sure to have some space left on your SDCARD

About the soundtrack, that is be cause it is not finished yet and it is missing the Sound Effect, at the end the balance will be different, the game has more than 50 original quality musics, so it will be anything but boring , we will have also cut-scene videos (not yet implemented on that preview).

Yes, the game has an extensive “synthetize” system for weapons and skills, and you can upgrade them along your journey, you can play also with different characters and even swap from 3 different armies on the main map, the game is very deep and packed with lot of drama & plot

Sounds like they’re pouring a lot of creativity and resources into this game. How many people are tactical RPG fans? How many of you are eager to get ahold of Spectral Souls / Ethereal Empires?

Side note: it appears they’ve been so busy developing the game that they haven’t updated their website since 2006!

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  • redandblack1287

    Give this to me right now please

  • Rozza C

    ^ What he said!

  • Shinzakura

    ^ What they said!

  • Eddie

    personally im surprised there arent more RPG’s on the android market. does anyone have that ps1 emulator working on their phones yet? and if so…is there a FFV 7 ROM? lol

  • jonathan

    That’s what I’m saying.

  • kidd

    id be happy to pay $15-20 for this

  • Claudio

    Great music!!!!!

  • mrmojoz

    Looks high quality.

  • acordes157

    It’s good to see Android gaming get so much love lately. I felt like that was one of Android’s biggest weaknesses early on, the lack of really awesome “showcase” games, if you will, but it seems the last month or so has seen a new era of Android gaming ushered in.

  • Hanano17

    I played this on the PSP, came out about 2 years ago I think. Pretty involved game for a phone. I’m a big RTS/RPG fan, so I liked it a lot. A lot of sites gave it an average/bad review because it had really bad load times, but it was ok when you put it on the memory stick. Hopefully that isn’t something that will be a big issue here. Good to see a HUGE(size-wise) game like his on Android.

  • Alex

    This game will be “deep and hard”, huh?

  • Pat


  • MarvinAndroid

    This looks great. It seems like Android gaming is FINALLY starting to take off. We are finally starting to see DS and PSP quality games in the marketplace.

  • Farquep

    I for one would like to know how he/she is controlling the game. And did any one notice that there is still a “R” button on the menu.

  • catch

    looks retarded IMO.

  • Jason


    Now just make a longer lasting battery on my phone while you are at it.

  • kidd


  • john

    “Alex – this game will be “deep and hard”, huh?”


  • yamiyaiba

    Yes please. You can send me the beta whenever you want.

  • Ryan

    mine now?

  • Zathras

    Oh how I want this game. Been looking for something like this for a long while