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Hey hey hey! We are here in lovely Baltimore for Phandroid LIVE, but we don’t want those who couldn’t make it missing out. We will be podcasting live from the event to discuss the latest in Android all the way from the Droid R2-D2 to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you’re here you’re in for a treat, and if you’re not you are missing out. Rob Jackson, Quentyn Kennemer, Dave Demerest, and Kevin Krause. Phandroid LIVE. 7PM EDT. Head over to www.blogtalkradio.com/phandroid to tune in.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Someone should have called and canceled work for me tonight so I could be there. Have fun you nerds ;)

  2. I’m here live loving it

  3. No. Im not there. Im here in so cal.

  4. Great time guys. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Thanks for hosting, it was a blast!! I hope this just the beginning of several more phandroid get togethers!

  6. Very well organized. Great job.

  7. I was there! I got a brown android toy :D

  8. Fun event, guys! I love the swag, too – even if the t-shirt is way huge. ;) And you gotta love the bag!

  9. I was there live! Great job pulling this event off. The only thing that could have made it better was if I won one of the phones, lol!

  10. Good work Rob, glad I could be there

  11. Great event! Excellent job by all, especially Mama Phandroid!

  12. awsome time… wife loved the event too. she txt’d her iphone friend on her blackberry from a droid event.

    oh and yea it was also pretty cool that i won the samsung fascinate phone.

  13. Great event. Nice to finally put faces to the guys whose chops we bust daily.

    I just figured out what the rubber phone stand from the swag bag is: it’s a rubber phone stand. The wife also pointed out that the cool phandroid bag is my new backup diaper bag.

    Congratulations to the Droid2 and Fascinate winners. I hate you all. And to the guy who got three stars in all the Angry Birds levels, I’m still not sure what to think of you and your accomplishment, but it’ll come to me.

  14. @DroidRiffic LOL

  15. So I was late to the event (was driving from the white house area and left DC at 4:55, got to B-more at 7:15). I was standing still in traffic and told my friend I will be there shortly, and ready to pick up my droid as a prize. I get there and 10 minutes later I won a Droid2!!

    So After I called up the state lottery and told them Ill be picking up my Millions of Dollars.

    Didn’t happen but hey I have a droid2 now!

    Was a Blast.

    Thanks All!

  16. @Kanundrum, okay I don’t hate all of the winners any more. I just hate you now. Congratulations!

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