Fruit Ninja Slicing Its Way onto the Android Market Tomorrow


Hot on the heels of the wildly successful release of the Angry Birds beta (yeah, that was only the beta), another popular iOS game is bringing its simple yet addictive gameplay to Android. Whether you can’t get enough fruit or prefer the silent killer they call the ninja, Fruit Ninja probably has you covered. If you aren’t familiar, well, imagine yourself as a ninja with a sword who spends his days putting a hurting on fruit rather than the enemies of feudal Japan. Yep, you slice your way through watermelons, apples, bananas, you name it.

The app will be hitting the Android Market tomorrow, so if you are like me and have played out that Angry Birds beta to no end, you can get a fresh start on killing your time with some a healthy dose of fresh fruit and polished steel.

[via DroidLife]

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  • xPatriicK

    This is an paid app on iOS, isn’t it?

  • Wello

    Not free I guess..

  • Eddie Android

    There’s similar ones already on Android Market like “Fruit Pirate”, “Ninja Kaka”, and “Fruit Samurai”

  • MentorLog

    I am a game freak. I will check this as soon as it arrives

  • Al

    so which one is the best? I purchased Ninja Kaka and it’s pretty good. Graphics could be better tho.

  • Eddie Android

    Ninja Kaka has the best graphics but fruit pirate has the best gameplay (powerups) IMO.

  • mmmGadgets

    I’ve had this game since Friday night or so, it’s dope my highest score is 152. You guys all need to do yourself a favor, download AppBrain and start browsing it instead of The Market. AppBrain does you a huge favor by filtering the hottest apps by daily and weekly.

  • Ban


  • Tsanuri

    No you have been playing a knock off.
    The real game by the original developers comes out tomorrow.

  • Maj

    is this the same as “Fruit Ninja Kaka” that’s already available on the market ?

  • Alan Reeve

    I can’t compare, but I really liked Fruit Pirate and did a review here: It’s interesting to see games like GalCon, Angry Birds, and now Fruit Ninja make the leap. Competition certainly improves the quality of games on our beloved platform of choice despite the fact that there are clones of these games already available. I was pleased to see Gamevil’s Soccer Superstars also arrived on Android today. Good gaming!

  • Freddy

    Fruit Kaka, Fruit Samurai, Veggie Samurai and I think there is another one… were all clones of Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja has been on iOS for a few months now and it is pretty hot stuff. I would expect it to be just as good on Android… Fruit Ninja makes all the mentioned clones look like the crappy one man team with low production-value games that they are!

    viva la Fruit Ninja!!!

  • Freddy

    Fruit Pirate was the other one..

  • Chris93036

    ues its the same but fruit ninja had special fruits to do special stuff!

  • curt

    Will the moment users be able to see this in the market unlike with angry birds?

  • StopTheShocker

    Any one else having trouble with the angry birds beta on the dinc?

  • GoAndroid

    Fruit Ninja on the market now! Go! Go! Go!

  • Moblly

    Fruit Ninja (Android) – App of the day on Moblly | Beautiful mobile apps |