Here’s Android 2.1 Running on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


I know Android 2.2 is out, and I know you’d rather have that over Android 2.1 (bigger numbers means better, duh), but those who hang on for dear life to their Sony Ericsson Xperia X10s can at least be happy knowing that SE’s moving closer and closer to getting you guys off of Android 1.6. A video’s just popped up of the device running Eclair as it was spotted at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany.

You probably won’t be able to understand what they’re saying unless you know German, but the only things you’ll really be worried about are the pretty live wallpapers confirming Android 2.1 and everything else that would make up the upgrade.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. i dun see time/mediascape

  2. looks pretty slow!

  3. Heyyy thats my report xD

    thankso for linkin :D

  4. Here is another report from IFA also in german but you can see Timescape and Mediascape!!!


  5. Summed Up Translation:

    – Lock screen is different (left to right)
    – on homescreen, live wallpaper (he’s really impressed by that)
    – 5 Homescreens instead of 3 (wow!)
    – Appdrawer is different (he sounds disappointed)
    – Videos in HD (his favourite)
    – Facebook in Contacts/Sync
    – HTML5 in Browser (not really though)

    then he pauses, not sure what to say
    but then he realizes the video mode is different (with auto focus!!!)

    Ya, Germans are easy to impress…

  6. What bout the U.S. Date? Come on SONY I want a U.S. date so I can upgrade to the X10.

  7. dhas good! Dhas very good! Dhas not going to buy, dhas not so cool anymore.

  8. Aww, petition for android 2.2 did not work (for now) It seems to be a lot smoother, I also wanted to see a HD video test…Idk is this phone better than HTC Evo? (Evo’s HD video sucks) Im planning to buy the Experia X10..

  9. I really hope that it’s not going to be laggy as in this video, I have the smaller X10 mini pro, and as far as i have seen, they are MUCH faster than a “big” X10 with Android 1.6, hopefully they will still be fast with 2.1!

  10. hopefully, release soon also for SE Asia.

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