HTC Magic on Rogers Gets Update to Android 2.1


There is no denying the people what they want, and when they get vocal about it chances are they will get their way. At least that is the case with Rogers and Android 2.1 for the HTC Magic. A small but vocal community cropped up to fight for their right for updates on the handset locked to the carrier, and their voices have been heard as the update to Android 2.1 is now rolling out. Rogers’ Mary Pretotto confirmed the update on Twitter, though the new version of the OS has not been appearing for all.

As always, you can check for your update and possibly force the system to download it by navigating to Settings > About Phone > Software Update Check > Check Manually. It seems with the latest update the crowd at feels safe to call it quits. What, there won’t be an I Want My Froyo movement? Keep fighting the good fight!

[via I Want My One Point Six]

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  • mjschmidt

    Sadly, RogersMary also recently confirmed that there will be absolutely no update to 2.2 for the Magic.

    Personally, I don’t feel like having to fight another whole year to _maybe_ get it when everyone else is likely on Android 4! ;-)

    Also, given that Rogers hasn’t had an HTC Android phone _since_ the Dream and Magic, I wonder if the rumours are true about Rogers’ relationship with HTC? Guess we’ll see if they carry any more HTC android phones going forward.

  • hector

    Rogers’ Magic is the one with 256mb RAMm, isn’t it?

  • mike

    wow, arent tmobile magic (mt3g) users still on 1.6? lame

  • DanGrover

    T Mobile’s Magic also has less Ram, so…

  • Tony

    I’m new to Android. Is this like BlackBerry where you can delete one file and install another carrier’s software on your phone?

  • tass0s

    yeah and htc’s unlocked devices are on 1.5!and they answered me that they wont get it to 2.1 because their engineers said that it will cause problems…omg

  • Mark

    Just did the update. It took a few minutes but was painless. Some of my setting were changed, notifications and such. But other then that it is very nice.

  • Brad

    Hmm, a bit late, don’t you think? Most everyone still using this phone is probably already running a custom Froyo ROM. ;)

  • srlnclt

    Hopefully good news for MyTouch owners!!! At least we know one is being developed a sister/brother to our phone!

  • Alvin B.

    Hey T MOBILLLEEEEE, where is your “No Phone Left Behind” now???

  • Philip

    Tried the update and it failed.

  • Aeires

    I think what is getting lost here is it looks like T-Mobile had written this phone off but listened to the customers and advanced it some. 2.1 isn’t anything to look down on, and the more phones that get advanced, the more fragmentation issues disappear. Even though not a large one, I’d put this in the win category.

  • Steve

    Downloading my update now! I hope the over the air works

  • Sarge

    So no update for T-Mobile MT3G? Does anyone know the difference between the two? I’m confused.

  • mak

    try to download, error :insufficient memory. call HTC support, no solution yet

  • Android

    Good thing Rogers and Android 2.1 decided to work on the updates for HTC Magic. But sad to hear that for some the update didn’t work.

  • Cebwizz

    Tried the update and it failed, call HTC and explained what was happening and they told me that since it just came out I should wait and see for some more days so I guess that I’ve got no choice. I will wait for the update while I’m also waiting the Samsung Captivate. Fortunately I have an other phone (Milestone)that I can use and I also got my first phone from Rogers the good old Dream that I use from time to time with Cyanogen and Froyo on it, it isn’t fast but so much fun.

  • kenbot

    Well this confirms that the Mytouch 1.2 and MyTouch 3.5mm jack will both get an update. They share the same hardware.

    What about the first version of the MyTouch, The one with lower ram and board B, I really hope T-Mobile doesn’t leave us behind.

  • weiman

    i fight for Froyo for DSTL1 & N21 :)

  • Leandro Alves

    I try to install and get “insufficient memory” after delete some apps and get more than 100MB free I still receiving this message. So I reset my phone and the update works in the first try.

  • honz

    2.1 only?
    Why must you wait for rogers to deliver a bloated and locked down ROM?

    Rogers, thanks for the the hardware.
    Fido, thanks for the good plan.
    Cyanogen, thanks for the android 2.2 rom released last month.

  • Best Green Hosting

    Looks like another good phone from htc!!..