New GMail Now in .APK Form for Anyone (on Froyo) to Install


We’ve known about the improvements to GMail in the latest version of the GAPPS package for a while now, but it’s found its way onto the net as an installable .apk file for anyone with an Android 2.2 phone to install – no root required (it actually surfaced at the time of our reporting, but no one thought to actually look inside the flashable .zip file). You can read about the new changes in our earlier report here, but check this link out for the new download.

[XDA via Good and EVO]

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  • jerbear

    Pretty sure this is in the version of Baked Snack I installed yesterday. Good stuff!

  • Simon

    Aw man, I was excited but I already have it in the MoDaCo ROM. Be warned, the text selection function is terrible!

  • DEV!

    im getting parse error on rooted droid.

  • Craig

    Also getting parse error debranded desire

  • lvlln

    All of these features are baked in to the Gmail app bundled with 2.2, aren’t they? Why would someone with a 2.2 ROM want to install this when the already bundled Gmail app has all the same features?

  • Eric

    @ Ivlln

    I’m wondering the same thing. Seems a bit redundant. Why not make this compatible for 2.1 instead, I mean it’s a damn gmail app, why does it NEED froyo??

  • win an android

    @lvlln not all devices are licensed to include the gmail app(and some other google apps as well).

  • sat

    it’s already part of CM6

  • Rex

    I have an EVO running sprint’s 2.2 and I don’t see these features.

  • smitty ranks

    @lvlln not all these features are in default 2.2 I have a nexus one with froyo I do not have the reply functionality pictured above.

  • Guest

    So I have Froyo…does that mean I already have this version of Gmail? I upgraded my Incredible to Froyo the other day with an OTA.

  • Jake

    The select and copy text was part of version 2.2. The only addition that 2.2.1 brings is the floating reply (and a few cosmetic changes).

    But it hasn’t be pushed or put in the market yet because it is still beta. So YMMV.

  • michael

    can u tell me how to install please if i have a tablet working with froyo but no google app installed !! ???

    thank U very much for your help.


  • guest

    Not working for me

  • DEV!

    tried again and now it works. great improvement in performance i can say. people who think this would already be on their phone are wrong. the only way would be if a developer put it in their rom and you used it. stock 2.2 users(and rooters without it) have 2.2 not 2.2.1. (if you use astro) when you install it’ll say upgrade not installed and itll say “file version: 2.2.1″ and “installed version: 2.2″.

  • Spencer

    “There was a problem parsing the package ” on my2.2 nexus one

  • palomosan

    I’ve been using this one on Skyraider 3.0 with Sense and awesome, actually if you just install it over the old one you’ll get force closing error, you have to flash it I think.

  • mike

    for those of you getting a parsing error, download from your pc instead of handset and either push apk to /system/app or place on sd card and install with astro or whatever you use

  • jkadis

    Loving the new Gmail. Floating header is awesome. I downloaded it on my computer, emailed it to myself, opened the email on my Droid Incredible and clicked “Install”. Download and installation took less than 5 minutes.

  • Lee Whitfield

    You made Lifehacker! Awesome.

  • TW

    I don’t like the floating header cause it wont disappear… when you have the phone horizontal you can barely get 10 lines of text to show.

    If you could hide the header or it slips up after 5 secs of no movement it might be better

  • Jeremy

    Just got the OTA push of Froyo 2.2.1 on my Nexus One. Seems to work very well, so far.