LG Optimus Pad to Debut this Month?


Even though the LG Optimus Pad was more or less outed by the company earlier this week, it looks like a more formal and detailed launch may be taking place later in the month. Invites are being sent out for an LG event to take place September 14th with the Optimus tag attached. Also featured is a picture of a device that may or may not be the Optimus Pad (it doesn’t exactly mirror the same picture from the week’s earlier unveiling). The event could also be focused on the launch of LG’s new Android-based phones, or it could be something equally as interesting but ultimately outside the score of Phandroid in a line of Windows 7 devices.

The possibilities are out there, and nothing would surprise me. A recently leaked shot of a new LG Android and other buzz suggests new phones are definitely on the way, but in the face of the Galaxy Tab and Motorola’s expected slab the Optimus Pad might just be what we get. Any guesses?

[via Pocket-Lint]

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  • jo

    now LG get the specs and the pricing right or else you fail like Samsung!

  • Fred

    I don’t see a camera… not good.

  • hans

    @jo how did Samsung fail?

    Anyway, I need to see more on this tablet, mostly specs and performance, to make a clear judgment.

  • SirWally


    If the speculated prices are even close, Samsung failed big time, IMHO. 700 Euros?!?! Dear Lord! That’s insane!

    Samsung should chop some of the features out, like 3G. Archos has the right idea with their new Android Tablet line. No 3G, just WiFi. Even the iPad is offered in a WiFi-only model. Also, I don’t quite see the point in a camera on this thing. The Front-facing one for video conferencing, sure, but I am not going to take video/pictures with this, especially since my phone will take better pics, or a real camera. Get rid of that as well.

  • Hans

    @SirWally: I was thinking more in terms of US prices. I read the price is high in Europe because of value and taxes being added? Something like that. I’m sure it’ll be around the $400-$500 range once it arrives in the States.

  • JamesDax

    It hasn’t failed yet but indications are that this will come to the states tied down to AT&T and will require a voice and data plan. If that is indeed true then it will be yet another epic fail as was/is the Dell Streak. If I can get a wifi only version for around $400. So far it looks like the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet is the only resonable price droid tab coming this fall. To bad it dosen’t have a camera for vid calls though.

  • ivan

    i agree with you jo samsung has failed….a only 3G tablet? are you serious? that means we have to get with a carrier…booooo………i rather have a 3G only tablet. Hopefully Motorola’s will be 3G and Wifi with an Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC….that will be sickkkkkk !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gogol

    The price will not cut it.

    Too expensive, fail … fail big time !

    I am hoping HTC will also make a nice tablet.

  • Dwayne

    good job Samsung and LG, you guy lead the way in many fields you engage in. Keep up the good work!

  • Johnson

    Yeah, I love my epic. It truly is the best phone out there right now period. They guys know design and performance.

  • http://Mensahwatts.com Mensahwatts

    Love the way this looks. it is the best looking tab I think. Just hope its not a small 7 inch tab

  • http://www.idiaocha.com natula33

    Samsung and LG have stepped up support for Android, Nokia Why not join it still

  • Ken

    Folks, this is not the tablet.

  • http://Mensahwatts.com Mensahwatts

    Then what is it then Ken?

  • bonezy

    Yeah Ken, I don’t know what ppl are saying — this is obviously a phone.

    Look at the ergonomics, not to mention the h/w ratio. The actual Optimus Pad in the other article’s advertisement didn’t have tapering edges like this here. LG is probably releasing both the Optimus and Optimus Pad, probably part of a new hardware line. (No one noticed that the upper right is missing the ‘Pad’ word?) Just a blanked faced phone until you ‘wake it up’, much like the Optimus Keyboard’s sleek blank look when LCDs are off.

  • DarkDroid

    It looks like a phone to me. Honestly I have to say that the streamline on the outside is similar coting to the Iphone 4.

  • bonezy