Motorola Charm is Rooted

motorola charm

Strike the Motorola Charm off the “To Be Rooted” list, because the deed has been done. Sure, the handset might be left feeling used and vulnerable, but isn’t that the same for everyone’s first time? XDA is home to the people responsible who deployed an updated Universal Androot hack to achieve Superuser access. This root method doesn’t unlock your bootloader and no custom ROMs are available for the Charm just yet, but we suspect that should not be the case in due time.

Grab the instructions over at the source link if you are feeling froggy.

[XDA-Developers via AndroidGuys]

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  • F. Augusztin

    Please, why is the big optimism with the locked bootloader ? Seriously, all what the guys did with Droid X & other new Moto phones with locked bootloader is what the Milestone guys reached months ago. What gives you so much optimism ? If you will have solution for custom ROMs with custom kernels within 1 year, you can be happy. But chance for that is ~5%.

  • G8D

    What is peoples obsession with custom kernals, lol.

  • mindo

    Sweet ass phone, need an unlock code for it… want to remove blur and get froyo on here too!

    Ne1 know how to sync with outlook and get a decent email client on here that actually saves headers and opened messges

  • Brendan Murphy

    This is really old news. I bought the charm on launch day and posted in the forums i rooted it with universal root no problems

  • cheese

    What is a root and what are kernels? My Omnia has left me SOOOOOO phone stupid. Someone catch me up? Please.