Huawei Teams Up With Google to Make Android 2.2 Device, Unveiled Thursday

One of the last manufacturers we thought we’d ever hear of working directly with Google on an Android 2.2 device is Huawei. According to the Wall Street Journal, that’s exactly what’s been going down and we should be seeing the fruits of all that labor unveiled this Thursday at IFA in Germany. We couldn’t extract any other details from WSJ’s report, but we only have two days before this and other exciting Android-based products get their official unveiling. Even if Huawei hasn’t made a history for themselves with quality or high-end handsets, I’m excited to see what they can do taking a serious shot at going beyond manufacturing devices strictly for carrier rebranding.


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  • Eddie

    I primarily know these guys from the plethora of usb mobile broadband dongles in the UK and was totally impressed with the MiFi mobile dongle they recently produced! I’d love to see what the guys have come up with, but I’ve got a feeling its gonna be another mid-range device (nothing wrong with that but it will immediately be up against a host of mid range goodness such as the HTC wildfire) but!! here’s hoping they come up with something that’ll shock the establishment and bring out some dual core, 1gb RAM etc etc goodness!!…nothing wrong with dreaming i guess :)

  • Mark

    huawei is the master of cheap devices. If they can produce cheap android 2.2 phones of a reasonable quality, I think Android will really take off at all levels. I dont think Huawei will produce top notch phones. They always try to be more affordable.

  • mikeeeee

    if they follow like all the other asian device makers, their early devices are dreck and they take the profits and plow the back into the company.

    after a few years, they make awesome devices.

    i hope it rocks the foundations of the ANDROID world as this will only make the competition more fierce.

    i’m due for an upgrade and i don’t care who’s name is on the box, just what’s under the hood.

  • Max

    Maybe its the Qisda qcm-330 phone with 1024 resolution??is this made by huawei???

  • Slick

    These guys make crap such as the tmobile tap. Disqusting.

  • Link

    Hip hip huawei! Hip hip huawei!

  • cellphonemic

    huawei already provides solution for cheap windows mobile phone. Now they come to android system. intersting

  • Phoenix

    And it’ll look exactly like all their other phones.

  • Henry

    nexus tuawei!

  • ncb1397

    “One of the last manufacturers we thought we’d ever hear of working directly with Google on an Android 2.2 device is Huawei.”

    Huawei is a member of the Open Handset Alliance. Why would they be one of the last manufacturers to work with Google on Android?

  • Rdx

    We need a low res capacitive touch screen for $100 to $200 bucks unlocked, stock android, can take over the world!