Angry Birds Beta Coming this Friday


Angry Birds…I don’t quite get the hype (maybe that is because I have never had the opportunity to play it), but it is coming to Android. Before it can get an official release, however, it must go through its beta-testing rounds. This is where the good news comes in for any readers who have been itching to try the game. An e-mail was sent out today informing that all those who sign-up at the Angry Birds site will be invited to a “massive beta test” of the game come this Friday.

Now you are probably asking, where do I sign up? Do it, and let us know how it goes once the test build gets out. (Also, they are apparently considering a movie and/or TV version of the game in case playing it on your phone doesn’t get you your fix.)

[via DroidLife]

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  • AceBoonKoon

    YES! I’m super pumped about this! Finally!

  • barry99705

    Sooo buying this when it comes out!

  • orangearrows

    This is BIG …..

    yes I would like to see a movie too

  • craig

    In love I signed up last week after emailing them and asking for a date for the game to launch on android.

  • Reikan

    registered a couple of weeks ago but haven’t got any email (yet)

  • Sprint EVO Guy

    Never even heard of it until right now

  • Ian

    Kevin, where have you been? Even an Android Phan like you must surely have been exposed to an iPhone or iPod Touch, if not an iPad. This is a great game, and bringing it to Android is a great thing for Android.

  • Andrew

    Really, Kevin…? Really? This is going to be epic for Android.

  • Eloquence

    Can’t wait! Angry birds rocked on the iPhone — it’s ultimate time-waster!! :)

  • DEV!

    Cant wait until Friday! I want it so baad! Already signed up. Love games like this.

  • Craz

    SWEET! I’ve been waiting for this since I switched to Android. Only thing that iPhone had that Android didn’t was Angry Birds. Now iPhone has nothing over Android!!!

  • timmyjoe42

    Played this on a buddy’s iPhone and loved it. I would pay cash for this game.

  • Justin

    so can I get my old iphone license transferred to my new android phone?

  • Oaklandsharksfan

    Just an fyi. Saying that you don’t understand the hype for something that you have never tried isn’t a very good way to start an article. Stoked for angry birds personally.

  • Maj

    i signed up to them long time ago but still didnt get any email.
    Anyway, i cant wait for this.

  • Eric

    I played it on my friends Iphone for about 3 hours, easily the most addicting game i have played in awhile, which says something since i own just about every video game console in existence and play PC games.

  • Snarky30

    This game is the reason my iPod Touch battery is always dead. Love it! Kind of like Crush the Castle only with Pigs and Birds. Its win win!

  • The Sherlock

    About time. Yes you need to play it (have it on ipod touch).

    There is a fake Angry Birds on the market now and it looks like it blows. Do not get that way. Make sure you get the right one.

  • TheMobileWorx

    Wow, someone please explain why this game has such a crack addiction factor!

  • stephen

    Used to play this all the time on my touch, its so much fun lol this will be a serious step up for Android gaming

  • theineffablebob

    I hope the aspect ratio is proper for 854×480 phones.

  • ari-free

    I don’t get the hype either. Looks like any other free 2D flash game.

  • Mensahwatts

    I have to say it sounds like kiddy game… But with all the hype about it I will give it a try…maybe its not kiddy at all

  • IPhone 4 battery

    I am waiting for this game to be out as I really want to play this game..

  • Jodiuh

    Saw a youtube of this, looks AWESOME!

  • DroidRiffic

    this is the most exciting news I’ve come across since the birth of my first child!

  • TF

    Just go youtube it… I thought it was stupid myself, with a name like that, til I played it….. I thought the same thing of Plants vs Zombies as well. I was wrong on both accounts.

  • Shrey2theAss


  • MillhouseVanHover

    OMG i LOVE angry birds!!! its the best thing on iphone, u ppl dont deserve it on android!! iphone FTW!!!!

  • DroidRiffic

    @Millhouse, what do you mean, “u ppl?”

  • wayneDroid

    @DroidRiffic, i think the troll has learning difficulties and is trying to say “you people” as opposed to “u ppl?”

    cant wait to get this on my droid XD