KT Launches 7-inch Identity Tab


Before Samsung can even get their Galaxy Tab out in their home nation, carrier KT is bringing their own slate device to Korea. On paper the device matches up with the Galaxy Tab in several areas, but given its limited release the KT Identity Tab probably won’t make a huge impact on sales of Samsung’s device around the globe. The Identity Tab will sport a 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal storage, and a built-in DMB TV tuner.

Other features include an HDMI port, SD card reader, and a 3MP camera. The version of Android running on the device appears to be stock Android 2.2, though the phone icon next to the app launcher has been replaced with a TV button for quick access to content through the built-in tuner. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity are offered, but the device will also run on KT’s WiBro (does it include popped collars and LAX sticks with the contract?) data network. The Identity Tab is available today for 300,000 won (~$251) without a contract or on a 24-month contract at 27,000 won (~$23) per month.

[via Android Community]

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  • SP

    It does not seem like but if it has front camera, I am in

  • Keller

    that is a sweet deal. is it coming to the states or what!

  • Nerd King

    Yeah, front camera or not it’s still a good deal. If it does hit the states, the Satellite DMB is coming off lol. Why America!

  • jdog

    Stock and $251 I’m in. I have a bad feeling that here in the U.S. Samsung and Moto are going to make tablets for certain carriers and try to make you buy another damn data plan. They would be stupid not to make a WiFi only version so I can tether this to my Nexus and only pay $20/month for both with 6mbps speeds.