Dell Streak on O2 Getting Android 2.1 Starting September 1st


O2 has given word that owners of the Dell Streak on their network in the UK will begin to see the update to Android 2.1 roll out to their devices come September 1st. This means at least a small portion of Streak users will be lifted from the Android 1.6 that has been shipping with the tablet/phone since its launch. It isn’t Froyo by a long stretch, but it is something a bit fresher that should hold over Streakers until later in the year when Android 2.2 is ready.

If you aren’t on O2 or if you are in the US, still no news on when you can expect Android 2.1. That is if you haven’t already tried your hand at the leaked ROM that has been floating around.

[via Android Community]

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    Sounds good.

    At least its better than Android 1.6.

  • pfanne

    android 2.1 ¬_¬

  • jdog

    @pfanne LOL I’ll believe when I see it. Thats why I’m glad I bought a Nexus because when other might be getting 2.2 I’ll be getting 3.0.