BACKFLIP Rooted Using Droid 2’s Method

Sharing is caring, or so says Motorola’s catalog of Android smartphones. After we learned that the Droid X’s and Droid 2’s root methods were one in the same, some other nifty hackers owning the Motorola BACKFLIP confirmed the exact exploit and method worked for their AT&T-branded device. Now I’m wondering if all of Motorola’s phones can be hacked this way, but I don’t have the hardware to try (and I probably wouldn’t have the wits if I did). The method is courtesy of Sebastion Krahmer at C Skills, found via ModMyMobile.


[Thanks, Matt!]

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  • Ohio

    Maybe I can finally root my sisters Cliq XT…

  • aqzman

    That would be fantastic if it was possible to root the Milestone with this method.

  • Simon Jessey

    I’m amazed that any “nifty hackers” would own a Backflip in the first place.

  • Jamie

    I’ve been planning to try it with my father’s i1 this weekend since reading about it.

  • Kelvin

    I’ve rooted the Milestone using this method.. it works.


    Does anyone even cares for this ugly phone? I sure don’t just glad I didn’t get it.

  • Skunkpbguy

    Now add flash 10.1 to it and make iFans cry :)

  • whatever

    Solely as piece of hardware (though I could do without the trackpad), the backflip really isn’t that bad, particularly if your stuck on AT&T for one reason or another, it’s problems stem from the software side of things, now that some hackers have root, if they can get a custom rom on this thing, it might actually be a phone worthing buying. (Un?)fortunately for me, I already ditched AT&T for Verizon so I’ve got plenty of great phones to choose from.

  • Hele Vetica


    the backflip isn’t any uglier than the stoopid otterbox like case you have on your phone. Besides, the backflip is tough as nails and the keyboard is great!

    the backflip is cheap to buy used and now rootable. Total score IMO

  • Aaron Neyer


  • JAG

    Finally, now what they should do is unlock bootloaders from now on!!!