Fake Droid Runs Windows Mobile

A week wouldn’t be a week without one of these Chinese knockoffs sneaking into the mix. This time, we’re met with a 3.5-inch keyboard equipped handset made to resemble the Motorola Droid, except that it actually runs Windows Mobile 6.5. a 3.2-megapixel camera, 256MB of RAM, WiFi, GPS, and a 533MHz processor make up decent enough internals to house Windows Mobile, but it’s still just Windows Mobile at the end of the day. Anyone looking to pick this one up? (Dumb question, I know.)


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  • john

    I’m gonna go with, “No”

  • Rob

    These fakes even go as far as to put the manufacturers name just as it appears on the actual phone? Wow.

  • Keller

    See this is the problem with Chinese made products. I just can’t trust it. That includes HTC. Even my chinese buddies don’t buy chinese products lol.

  • Johnny

    See this kind of stuff piss me off. WTF China

  • Contraus

    Why the hell would you even post this article? That’s just ridiculous. I wouldn’t take that phone if it was given to me.

  • Steve

    Why with those hardware specs not run Android on it?

  • DanGrover

    Keller: You may think they all look the same, but HTC are from Taiwan. The only people who think Taiwan is in China are the Chinese. (And I know what it’s real name is, but that’s scarcely relevant)

  • Why?

    Why not run Android? Because that would be legal.

  • Fred

    @Contraus – I enjoy these articles. Why anyone would be against these types of articles is beyond me. It’s an amusing thing and always of interest to gadget guys.

  • iMagineThis1

    this is everywhere, and it’s for the chinese specifically (if you ask me). they make fake iphones, desires, wildfires, hd2, evos, etc all on the site above.

    check out this phone, looks like the HTC Desire, yet it is named HTC Wildfire. It looks pretty legit, until you start looking at the pictures and realize it is just WM 6.5 running SPB Shell.


  • Andrew

    @Fred- I agree these articles are quite humorous to me. Also is that a FFC I am seeing? Oh wow everyone go after it now it might be a GSM phone.

  • john

    Probably has lead paint in it!

  • jdog

    I want

  • Will

    I don’t understand why so many people are upset. I freaking love this thing! I may just buy one for the humor of it.

  • xmetl

    it still says motorola on it, XD

  • Shiney McShine

    Does it pring money and grant me 3 wishes?

  • Shiney McShine


  • Andrei

    Seriously. why would u make illegal phone when u can freely install freaking android on it.

  • Androidess

    Too funny!