TELUS Launches Motorola Charm

Heads up to all our Maple-Leafing Android lovers: the Motorola Charm is now available at TELUS. It costs $29.99 on a 3-year contract up to $249.99 without a contract. Be wary of that 3-year deal; with the current speed of mobile phone progress your Motorola Charm could be an antique by 2013.

BlackBerry lovers with an itch for Android will likely find the form factor intriguing:

The Motorola Charm comes with Android 2.1, has a 2.8-inch screen, Wi-Fi, 3MP cam and a MicroSD slot capable of up to 32GB. And for those wondering… yes, it rocks MOTOBLUR.

How many Canadians are going to give the Charm a go?

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  • Clark Kent

    I think if they took off Blur, this would be a hit amongst a lot of people.

  • Aaron

    MotoBlur? Run! MotoFAIL is more like it.

  • socck

    Got one at work. Not a great phone. The touchpad on the back seems redundant given that it has a touchscreen and it can be annoying depending how you hold the phone. The screen is not that great and it is hard to use the web on such as small screen.

  • TheSherman

    If it gets a CM6 rom then ill force my brother to get one. im pretty content with my N1 for now though

  • Altimeter

    The big three Canadian carriers will give you a fully subsidized phone (same price as a new customer) after two years if you re-sign your contract. And when you do, it pushes the contract date out three years from date of signing, it doesn’t add it to the existing one.

    I buy a subsidized phone in 2008 as a new customer.
    In 2010, I am eligible for my next subsidized phone, so I purchase one and resign my contract.
    I am now on contract until 2013, but will be eligible for another subsidized phone in 2012 (pending another contract signing).

  • Levi

    Interesting. For several reasons. And I am in the market for one of these.

    All Charm specs I’ve seen were with Band IV UMTS. This comes with Band II which is what my provider (AT&T) uses. This would be perfect for my wife. I was gonna get it from T-mobile and have her put up with EDGE. (She doesn’t have anything better now.)

    I just sent my friend in Toronto to a store to pick one up and mail it over. That is assuming Telus (or Motorla) is willing to make their off contract phones network independent.

    Does anyone know?

  • mindo

    I just picked one up, i must say it is awesome!!! The combo of touchscreen and keyboard is amazing, the keyboard is blackberry good, and the speed is excellent, id say as fast as my N1 most of the time. Only qualm and this is a biggie, the screen res and quality is not the greatest. But everything else makes up for it. Im coming from, an N1 and blackberry 9700, and im pretty convinced I’ll give up both for this seemingly lesser but far more usable device. Shocked, it only cost $250 cad!!!

  • mindo

    Trackpad can be disabled. So far i’ve had no use for it anyways because the arrow keys do everything you need.


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