Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition to Be Previewed at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando


Wondering when you might get a chance to check out that limited edition Star Wars version of the Motorola Droid 2? If you happen to be making your way to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration V August 12th through 15th you can check it out in person, according to this screen grab from Verizon.

There is still no known release date for the R2-D2 variant, though the standard Droid 2 will launch on August 12th. While the nature of what content will be included with the R2-D2 version was revealed on Verizon’s promo site, exact details are not available, so that makes Celebration V a perfect opportunity to score some early hands-on time with the handset. The geek in me really wishes I could check it out myself.

Are any readers planning on attending the convention? If so let us know what you think of the Empire Strikes Back Droid 2!

[thanks to Brian for sending this in!]

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  • Nick

    It’s just going to have a decal of R2-D2 on the back and some Star Wars bloatware. Yawn.

  • ari-free

    They are really making a big deal of this star wars stuff? I really can’t wait to see the next TV ads

  • Nate

    Fuck the droid 2 no one wants the eFuse.

  • Brad 2

    It would be sweet if the phone was white/blue/black like R2D2


  • scott

    Still waiting for FROYO on my Incredible, but thanks for the star wars crap Verizon. wtf!

  • bee

    I live in Orlando so I looked into going cause i thought it may be cool, but not at $128 for a 4 day pass and $48 to $52 for one day.

  • Alan

    I will be going Friday. I will try and take pics of the phone (if I can that is). I will definitely be seeing it though.

  • Skunkpbguy

    Droid owes it’s name to Lucas, and the Force is weak in you haters.

  • Justin

    Seriously, why the hate ?

    Who cares if they choose to advertise with the help of Star Wars. It will help them sell more phones.

  • ari-free

    yeah! I want to see more star wars ads and fewer “chick flick” facetime ads.