PayPal Updates Android App to Match iPhone Version



A lot of companies have been playing catch up to bring their Android apps up to speed with their iPhone counterparts, and PayPal is one of them. Just like Facebook recently updated their Android app to provide a more similar experience to its arguably better iPhone variant, PayPal for Android will be updated later today to bring the two versions into unison. On Android the app will now support the bump feature that allows users to transfer money by bumping together their smartphones. A split the check option allows those having trouble dividing their bill to easily calculate the split and transfer money to the lender’s account. No more conveniently disappearing after your friend lent you $10 to cover your Appelebee’s steak.  PayPal’s mobile  payments and app should be evolving quickly over the next few months, as the first half of 2010 already has seen twice as much money handled in mobile transaction as the total for 2009.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Now without the pointless restriction from before, so officially available in the UK.

  2. mmm, applebee’s steak…

  3. Why are they all falling over themselves to improve there apps for android? They have finally come to realise that android is no joke,and the place to be.

  4. QR code within these kind of articles would be soooo nice.

  5. I second the QR comment! any article that references droid software or other links, should be accompanied with a QR code to access it. Otherwise, thanks for staying on top of new releases for us droiders.

  6. @Robin
    So would a ranking/like system so I could agree with you.


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