Latest NPD Figures Confirm Android’s Dominant Q2 Sales, Accounts for One Third of All Smartphones Sold


android-robot-logoA recent report from Nielsen presented numbers that were sure to get any Android fan excited. For the first time Android had surpassed the iPhone in quarterly new installations. Now figures from NPD Group not only bolster the Nielsen findings, but also show that Android not only dominated Apple’s second quarter sales, they also took RIM to task as well. It is important to note that this research was based on the consumer market — we are assuming the large lead Blackberry holds in enterprise and corporate situations still sticks — but when it comes to your everyday smartphone user 33 percent chose Android as their OS last quarter. RIM held 28 percent of new purchases while Apple trailed at 22 percent.

In terms of the most popular Android phones, the Motorola Droid led the pack, no doubt aided by special offers at Verizon in the form of price cuts and BOGO deals. Following the Droid were the HTC Droid Incredible, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Hero, and HTC Droid Eris respectively.

[via NPD Group]

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  1. I saw similar news on Apple Insider and I love the denial they have over there. Here is a couple of there claims to support their denial:

    – AT&T is the only reason for the iPhone loosing ground (don’t blame Google or RIM for Apple’s terrible business plan).

    – This quarter only had the iPhone 4 for part of it. Ya because it didn’t see a huge increase in sales because of the release either… Really you can’t even debate claims like this so don’t bother :)

  2. How convenient….Let’s see what next quarter looks like.

  3. android is slowly going into regional carriers as well ha ha, it is going to crush blackberry.

  4. Iphone 4g is a mature market, meaning anyone willing to switch to ATT already has one. Frankly the Iphone feels old school at this point. Yes the new IPS screen is awesome yes it can multi-task (to a point). Still the form factor and the design are vary stale at this point.

  5. We already know what the next quarter looks like folks. People have already broken down the numbers and showed that I think within the first month after the iPhone 4 launch the sales went back down below the daily Android average of 160K/day….well below it I read in one place. So when the numbers come out for the next quarter it will probably be more of the same. Then the only excuse they will have is multi-carrier and multi-device. The mult-device argument is stupid because it really doesn’t fit into Apple’s simplicity model nor would they ever have near the range of devices that Android has. They may have one with a keyboard and thats it.

  6. next stop, dominant in the world’s sales

  7. Verizon was truly a MAJOR stepping stone for Android. Three of those are from their network. I give T-Mo props for having the guts to first take it on first, but Verizon really brought it to a new level.

  8. NPD points out in the press release that this only accounts for consumer sales. It does not count corporate/enterprise sales. I think the last numbers I saw that counted those still had RIM on top, but quickly losing ground to Android.

  9. @John B.

    Agreed. And T-Mobile is going to take it even higher with their HSPA phone. The sky’s the limit for Android at this point.

  10. When Verizon gets the iphone, AT&T will get a dozen Android super phones and logically, AT&T will sell more Android phones than Verizon will sell iphones.

    Also, there has been more combined Motorola Droid X, Droid 2, HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy S sales than iPhone 4.

  11. phil perhaps antennagate was a *major* hit against iphone4
    Coming up next: Flash on all the droids vs nothing on iphone.

  12. Right Dan.
    BB is trouncing everyone in corporate sales…and when you include europe and asia (where they are REALLY starting to make progress)…then BB is just fine.

    Their issue in the middle east right now actually is a total marketing dream for them….Email SO SECURE that…..(!)

    Interesting that I wrote this, and yet on Friday I’m picking up a Samsung Galaxy S. :P lol

  13. BB is something Google will have to figure out how to deal with… But RIM is a good company so I can respect them, unlike Apple.

  14. I know tons of people that are waiting for a Verizon iPhone. Android’s numbers are being artificially inflated because the iPhone is not on Verizon in the US. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy. Now you can blame Apple’s “business plan” but the fact is Apple had to give ATT something in exchange — exclusivity– for Apple’s total freedom over the phone. No US carrier had ever given that to any phone maker. Indeed but for that game changing deal, Verizon never would have allowed Android on its network. A little gratitude might be warranted for apple, but no just a lot of bitterness.

  15. I think that if Verizon accepted the iPhone in their line they would be looked down at. Verizon look at how bad Apple is holding back ATT. Don’t do it Verizon stick with Android.

  16. I dont think the BIG red V is going to ever get the iphone-look at all the bad things V has said about Apple. WHY would they comtinue to say bad things about apple but yet get the iphone later? Does this make sense to anyone???? And why would they want the iphone when droid is clearly going to pass the iphone in sells very very verrrrry soon????

  17. Verizon likes android because they can do whatever they want, such as fios on your android tablet or using your phone as a credit card. They can work with Moto and google to create the perfect system to deliver all kinds of services. It’s not just about the hardware or carrier choices.

  18. News broke on Monday that Android smartphones are staring to kick the sh*t out of RIM and Apple with new buyers.
    According to a Nielsen report, in 2010 Android-based phones accounted for 27% of the overall smartphone sales in the United States compared to iPhone sales that only accounted for 23%. And that includes the iPhone4’s opening weekend sales of 1.7 million units.

    More on this here via the TMV website:

  19. @geoff that article was crap…and I couldn’t find the article on CNN…. hmmmmmmmm

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