Cellular South’s HTC Hero is Back in Black

Forgive my reference to AC/DC there, but Cellular South has released a black version of their HTC Hero – essentially the same Hero we saw the more popular carrier Sprint release back in 2009. There’s nothing terribly different about it: the back and sides of the device are now nearly pitch black instead of the lighter grey we’ve seen. Still, it doesn’t look bad in its new threads.


If you’re a Cellular South customer and interested in this Hero, make your way to their site now to order one for $79.99 (after rebates and instant savings). [via Android Central]

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  • Brian

    I threw an otterbox on mine….now it is black too (and w/a Hero, you’d be a fool not to).

  • Dan S

    Didn’t that phone come out like a year ago? And their new feature is that it’s black?

  • Quentin Biles

    Looks better than Sprint’s. Too bad it is ancient and totally obsolete.

  • Bob

    Almost a year…..October 2009. At least we finally got 2.1. :) Looks like no Froyo for us, though. :(

  • bill

    cell south is so freakin archaic, a day late and a dollar short..i have cell south, cheap plans and good coverage, but no clue….they still sell ringtones for 1.99 for God’s sake and act like it’s a big deal….I have them but cannot stand them, but it is thru my employer…..btw i have 2.2 on my cell south hero….

  • Logotic

    Quentin Biles, don’t you be dissin’ my phone!

  • Brian



    The HaterBrigade?

    The Hero is a great phone. And I am running 2.2