Huawei Launches U8300 and U8500 Android Handsets in India

Two new Huawei handsets launched today in India. The Huawei U8300 and U8500 are two Android-touting 3G smartphones powered by Qualcomm chipsets. The U8300 skews towards the younger, social media friendly crowd with it’s loud color scheme and interesting form factor. A full QWERTY keyboard below a touchscreen display is reminiscent of the Blackberry-esque styling of the Motorola Charm. Throw in the bright colors and we are looking at a phone that appears to be Huawei’s take on the Charm mixed with the Motorola FlipOut.


The U8500 is a stylistic departure from the U8300, and along with a more traditional form ditches the a physical keyboard. Exact specs on the phone remain scant for now.


A few more Android phones that should be making their way to India in the future:



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  • GPL

    Other than the color and lack of 4th row that’s a bad ass looking phone. Although speech to text renders the keyboard less of an issue, other than some laughable gaffes in it’s conversions.

  • ari-free

    What can I say about that green phone? There will be a style for everyone, including one that turns off everyone else.

  • JM

    Just what I want a phone from a company that allegedly stole trade secrets from Motorola and is being sued for it. Was sued by Cisco for using the companies stolen source code in products. Also the company has been accused of having direct links to the Chinese military and government.

    Sounds like a great company to buy a phone from.

  • twrock

    I own the Huawei U8220. It was available, cheap, and had a 3.5 inch screen, so I bought it. I can’t say that I am completely happy with it or the company. Fortunately the community support for the phone is great (MoDaCo). But let me put it this way: I won’t be getting another Huawei product.

  • Bob

    huawei should put 2.2 on all the phones.

  • JRodrigues

    I have a TMN a1 (Huawei U8230) and I quite like it. It’s far from perfect, but for the price an excellent option. Sure, the tech support from Huawei is non-existent, but the community support really compensates for it.
    Bottom line, if the specs of these new phones are good, it is probable they are a good buy…