Android 2.2 Officially Rolling Out to Unlocked European HTC Desires This Weekend

Awesome news for those of you wondering where your upgrade to Android 2.2 was hanging out at after the HTC EVO 4G got its official confirmation: at least for HTC Desire users in Europe, you’ll see the upgrade this weekend. Depending on where you got the device (through carrier tariffs and whatnot) you might not fit into this picture, but you most likely won’t be  lagging behind if that’s the case (HTC states you’ll get it several weeks later due to carrier “testing”). Those who bought the devices carrier unlocked can be certain they’ll receive the upgrade over-the-air.


The upgrade will enable 720p HD video recording (just like the one rumored for the HTC Droid Incredible) as well as some of the other features we heard will be coming with the EVO’s Sense 2.2 upgrade (App Share, HTC’s new phone features, improved keyboard options, and more). HTC – pending any backlash from Apple – will also be updating HTC Sync for the device which will allow you to sync all your music from iTunes without a problem (something many Android users would appreciate on their handsets, I’m sure). Read on for full press details.

“The Android 2.2 (FroYo) update for HTC Desire will start rolling out across Europe this weekend. As well as including the complete set of Android 2.2 features, the update will contain a few special additions of our own through the latest iteration of HTC Sense. The update will provide 720p video capture, HTC’s App Share widget, as well as our enhanced HTC Caller ID, and improved multi-language keyboard. Also, though the update, HTC Sync will allow HTC Desire users to sync their music with iTunes.
HTC Desire users will be notified that the over-the-air update is available to download when their phone automatically checks for software updates. The update won’t delete any of the phone’s content. However, due to the size of the update, we would advise using a WiFi connection to download it wherever possible to avoid additional data charges.
This update will initially roll-out to unlocked HTC Desire handsets. Operator specific versions of the update are undergoing testing and we expect to make them available in several weeks’ time.”

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  • Ian

    Yesssssssssssssss :)

  • Simon

    Well, I was about to say something but Ian beat me to it.

  • a

    “…upgrades are not a walk in the park. Sure there are shortcuts that people can take, but when you have to integrate software to a specific hardware, then test it and integrate with third-party applications, let alone any innovation from ourselves, plus then get approvals to make this all official and safe… it’s is a big undertaking that requires planning and resource and third-party coordination to see this all through…”

    Above is the motorola excuse for not delivering 2.2 to the mileastone (with STOCK android), while htc completed it for handset with custom skin already!

    Way to go HTC!

  • ptk

    good news, hope the official 720p on Nexus One will be soon!

  • Ratchjaw

    Man this makes me want to switch to an Evo. Debated initally Evo/Droid X. Just Verizon is better for me. I just keep having data connection issues with my Browser with the X

  • Ben

    motorola will lose customers if it does high-handed behaviour, HTC has a problem with battery management. If it improves that, very few people will buy Motorola Phones.

  • chuck finley

    Would be nice if you could include a link to the source.

  • Kevin Chapple

    Yeee Haaarrr. Way Ta go HTC n Google.
    Nice one :)

  • Ian

    The desire has good battery life imo, I get between 17\20 hours a day most days, that includes lots of internet, trawling the market, texting, calling and emailing.

  • Will

    How do we know if we have “unlocked” handsets?

  • sunhorse

    now we just wait and find out if our desires are unlocked or not,my battery life is going downhill,with all this update checking! over the moon with this phone!

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    @Chuck Finley our source is a press release by HTC.

  • Chuck norris

    sunhorse and will are stupid

  • Ulrich S.

    Unlocked? or unbranded?
    I’ve a T-Mobile branded, but SIM-free Desire, using
    it with o2 SIM-card.

    The T-Mob. branding is minimal, just a boot-animation
    and some ringtones that can easily be changed.

    Will T-Mob. do “several weeks” of testing the Froyo

  • Damien

    And your a genius Chuck norris

  • blob

    what happens if i update a rooted phone?

  • Robert

    Hell yeah!! :D Can’t wait, can’t wait…

  • Ben

    Excellent. HTC Desire user here, have been for 2 months and loving it. Although this has been leaked (an improved upon) on XDA for over a month, it will be nice to have the official version. I may go back to stock for a while to test it out.

  • DanGrover

    Ulrich, I’m in a similar position. I have an unlocked, o2 branded handset but I’m on Vodafone UK. It’ll be interesting to see when we get our updates! I would imagine it’ll be as per the original branding operator’s timeline, but we’ll see!

  • Geof

    im rooted at the moment but running froyo with sense, but if i get the update i will do it, even if i loose root, that is the only reason i rooted was to get froyo with sense, the only thing i would loose would be A2SD+ not all apps work on froyo apps2sd they have to be already coded to do so by the Dev of the app. Go HTC!!

  • Chris

    To those of you asking about branded but unlocked phones, from previous experience of trying to download web-based updates, HTC have gone by the serial number on the phone. They may also do a similar thing with OTA updates. I imagine they record all serial num,bers for branded UK operator phones and probably bar them from generic OTA updates handing responsibility over to the operator for the update … Hope I’m wrong for the sake of you guys!

  • JiSiN


    Our Store didnt sell branded or locked Desire’s.
    So in that case it means i will get the update 2!

    Yeah Baby Yeah!

  • droi

    well! Anybody updated yet? it’s the 31st where I am UK 14.30 and no word of anybody having updated!!!

  • skywlkr

    Come oooon froyo

  • salle

    No update seen as of yet… (sunday morning in Finland)

  • OleMøgdahl

    Denmark 12:20 01-08-2010

    No release of the update here :-(

  • l4rs

    This Sounds Very interesting. I will search for a way to get 2.2 on my t-mob (ger) branded Desire when I’m back at my desktop pc. Tmob will delay the update because of their “customizations” like disabling tethering and stuff. :( they want an extra fee for this. ( src: )

  • Will

    @Chuck norris, thanks for the help there.

    My desire was bought from carphone warehouse on Vodafone: The box doesn’t have Vodafone written on it, nor does the mobile. So… how do we know if they’re unlocked?

  • Will

    Well, looks like I must have an unlocked phone as I just got the update!

  • Hitesh

    Just installed Froyo (unbranded Desire from 3UK)

    very easy process, all apps/settings/messages/contacts were restored so long as “backup my data” is enabled. Only the home screen widgets need replacing again.

    now running Software version 2.09.405.8 … thanks HTC!

  • M

    Well, apparently the expensive piece of hardware isn’t a HTC Desire, or Prague is not in Europe as I haven’t received the upgrade yet :(

  • JohnnyWongNumber

    I got my unlocked HTC desire upgraded to 2.2 through the official means over the weekend.. Thankfully its running beautifully.

  • chris

    no upgrade received yet here in Germany Berlin. unlocked desire without branding and o2-sim card.

    checking for updates…

  • Sahil

    Well guys i have a htc desire which i bought here in India but it has a orange logo on it i know tht it wasnt launched officially in India so is my phone unlocked if so can sm1 plzz tell me if i will b getting the update plzz doe mail me the answer @

  • DSA

    Hello all, me and my friend bought a desire through the site pixmania, his phone got the 2.2 upgrade, but mine didn’t. The only difference is that he never changed his SIM card and I already changed it 3 times, one of them from a different country, as I travel this last months. Any idea why this is happening?

    Thanks in advance!

  • rob

    is android 2.2 froyo going to be available on the Motorola Droid X?

    if anyone can answer please email me at

  • Libocta

    Want to update my desire to Froyo..
    How do i confirm if mine is an unlocked/unbranded European Desire?
    Can i chk with S/N or IMEI?
    Bought the phone in grey mkt in India. Phone and case had no additional branding…
    checking for foryo update on phone says no update available…