Internal Screen Shows Training Materials for Droid 2 Will Have Agents Comparing FroYo to Eclair

If spotting FroYo in the leaked official user guide for the Motorola Droid 2 wasn’t enough, our trusty Verizon tipster checked in with us to give us a peak at the training plans that will soon be bestowed upon Verizon employees. There are a few good takeaways to be had from this leak. Firstly, it gives us even more hope that this device will be launching preinstalled with Android 2.2. Verizon employees will be tasked with learning the comparisons between 2.1 and 2.2 – a pointless move if you weren’t planning on including the latest out of the box.

droid 2

That August release we keep hearing about seems to remain true, as well, as the document ┬ástates that the Droid 2 will be joining Verizon’s impressive device lineup “within the next few weeks.” It’s nothing that hasn’t already been rumored, but being able to put together the pieces to this very awesome puzzle so early ahead of launch is always a great feeling.

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  • Brent

    Looks like this would mean froyo would be delayed on otherdevices as a selling point for droid 2

  • gobluefoot

    Or it might just mean that most Verizon staff are just accustomed to explaining 2.1 and this can help them get ready for the new questions. At least that’s my optimistic view because I want/need Froyo on my X!

  • tsanuri

    I would think it would not delay it at all. Since if you look at what has happened with the X they still can not keep them in stock. So why think it will be any different with the Droid 2. Give it a week maybe 2 after it is out and they can put the update in the wild for the X without a problem.

  • Max

    Is there a gsm version date?

  • Philipp

    @Max : Yeah thats also my question. I want the GSM version so bad because i live in Germany and I want the Droid 2.

  • DrDiff

    Verizon keeps giving us reasons to Root!

  • Steve

    @Brent, it has already been delayed for that reason. Would be out already otherwise. Just go get CM6 if you have a droid1.