HTC Desire Coming to TELUS August 3rd?


Canadian Android site is reporting an August 3rd launch date for the HTC Desire at Telus. The employee who confirmed the date in-store wasn’t able to give an exact price but quoted it as probably coming in under $100 for a 3-year deal. This goes against earlier leaked figures putting it at $299.95 on a three-year contract, quite pricey for a handset in today’s world of subsidized phones. Whether or not the August 3rd date will stick remains to be seen, but dummy units arriving in Telus stores indicate the phone will be launching soon regardless.

[via, thanks to Brendan for the heads up!]

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  • Cody


  • JiSiN

    have fun my canadian friends.

    Desire is a nice phone…
    maybe u guys are lucky and get it directly with froyo :)

  • Brendan

    I am totally hoping it ships with Froyo, considering the news about all HTC devices in China coming with it!

    Cheers to the post, guys!

  • Jeff Smith

    this is correct. 3 year = $79.99


    When the hell is this coming to AT&T? I HATE YOU AT&T for not getting this phone!

  • Meg

    I just talked today with a Telus rep and he said that the Desire is coming on august 22th, For the back to school like they said before! August 3rd is the release for Samsung Galaxy S from Bell ! Anyways i’m sooooo excited to get my HTC Desire!! :D

  • Len

    I’v been waiting for this thing for so long. Will be waiting for the doors to open the morning this thing comes out.

  • Brendan

    Jeff Smith up there posted a comment on my blog that the Dealer Launch Schedule from Telus says Aug 3 :)

  • Meg

    Reallyy!! Well I hope so ! Maybe its just that store cause that one was in a small town. I hope that it will be on august 3rd in montreal too :D
    PS: thanks Brendan :) But where are you from? Maybe its just in your town or around..?

  • Brendan

    Near Vancouver – Abbotsford. Not sure where Jeff is located :p

  • Meg

    Ohh ok! :p So i’m waiting for august 3rd and we’ll see! :D

  • Charley

    Does anyone know when they would deliver in store? The sales rep I talked to said that they didn’t know when it was coming only the day that it came do they know, but what time tomorrow do you think they will be delivered?

  • Stephanie

    I stopped in at start of day and the Telus reps couldn’t even find it on order in their system. They were, personally, eager to have the product but looks like the August 3rd date was wrong.

  • Meg

    I knew it :) I’m sure that the guys here told me the truth! August 22th for the back to school! Anyways its not that much longer!! :D

  • Stephanie

    Meg: August 22nd is for the US release.

  • Klidi

    Apparently in Ontario Canada its said from a telus client care line, its Wednesday they are told they will be receiving but it might not come in that day. Aug 4th in other words.

  • Meg

    Maybe the store in that small town release it after.. I don’t know but thats what the rep told me! But like I said, I come from Montreal, so maybe here its the same date (aug 4th), I hopee :) Anyone know?

  • Brendan

    I guess the woman at the telus store got it wrong. Either way, today hasn’t come soon enough.