Samsung Behold II Video Unboxing (Cincinnati Bell Version)

The Samsung Behold II may have launched for T-Mobile in November 2009, but that doesn’t keep it from being a device that you should take a serious look at if you’re on another carrier. Cincinnati Bell Wireless adopted this phone (with it seeing a retail and web launch last Friday) as a part of their continued support for Android and they’ve made enough changes to warrant taking a second look at the device.

For now, enjoy this unboxing video as I show you guys what comes packaged with the unbranded Behold II as well as a quick first look at the software (hint: TouchWiz just might not be a factor with this one). Our full review of Cincinnati Bell’s version of the Samsung Behold II is on its way.

[note]: I incorrectly stated that Swype was not included in this version of the Behold II. It is, in fact, included as an alternate keyboard.

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  • uly

    I genuinely think no one cares. this phone is infamous

  • Joe

    It is a big shame what samsung did to this phones reputation.

  • behold_this

    It’s a bigger shame how cinci bell stole BH_MAN’s no twiz rom! Namely “take5″

  • suyash1

    lmfao it is definitely take5. it has that clock widget that bh_man put on his roms for us and all the looks from take5 including the drawer

  • B H_MAN / Eugene373

    They made…? wow! Kanged!

  • NowVoyager

    I agree w/behold_this: BH_MAN, you put a lot of hours into that ROM. Something should be done. And they didn’t “customize” the boot-up either. That is the original boot up that we all got when the B2 shipped. It was later changed to Samsung’s crappy UI boot. The only original thing Cinn-Bell put on it was their wallpaper! I also noticed what looked like an overlay on the box cover picture. How cheap.

    So, Bell cut a deal and got a stripped version. But what is not clear is, if this solves the upgrade problem beyond 1.6? But truth be told, it was sluggish. From all reports that I received about BH_MAN’s ROM, it made the B2 *FLY*!!! – They must have mukked with it. smh

  • Nu11u5

    So who do I contact to get the ROM dump off that thing?

  • shawn1224

    Contact BH_MAN, it’s his rom LOL

  • famished

    Er, so would this have less bloatware than the T-mo rom?

  • `Ghost`

    Wow…way to steal BH_MAN’s rom. f*cking @$$holes.

  • Larry

    Stole? WTF is everyone talking about? The ROM is out there in a different variant for anyone who wants to use it?
    It can be downloaded for FREE.