Get Android 2.2 Running on a Motorola Milestone

After an unfortunate scare by Motorola when they’d stated they had yet to make a decision on bringing FroYo to the Milestone, the development community got a bit itchy and made some very impressive progress. Dext3r from ModMyMobile’s forums has gotten an almost-fully-working port of the FRF91 build that many Nexus One owners (and users of other rooted devices) have been enjoying.

Right now, the camera is the only thing that won’t budge but the community remains hard at work on knocking out a very stable port of FroYo. If Android 2.1 just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you don’t rely on your device’s camera then you might want to storm over to ModMyMobile’s site now for the download links and instructions.

[via Droid-Life]

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  • jdog

    I own a Nexus and I have to say Froyo FTW

  • swazedahustla

    I own a EVO and I second that……..FROYO FTW, CM6 FTW!!

  • Richy

    Hold on hold on hold on.

    Does this replace the 2.1 kernal, or is it simply a 2.2 mod on top of the 2.1 kernal?

    i.e. – is this a full 2.2 implementation rather than a 2.1 skinning, and do we get the speed boosts from dalvik, and does flash work??

    Please say yes! (And yes, i have rushed this comment due to excitement, and no, i haven’t watched the video yet, nor read up on the site!)

  • Florian Rohrweck

    it is on top of a 2.1 Kernel.
    Flash works… Camera is broken, no 2nd boot solution the bootloader is still locked
    app2sd is not working… still great work, but more a mod than a full froyo rom

  • Shez

    Yay! Froyo for my Milestone… which is currently at Motorola for repair… and will be replaced by a Galaxy S as soon as I get it back.

  • roose21

    I own a GSM Hero running Froyo. So much quicker and nicer to use. Froyo FTW

  • Steve

    I have 2.2 on my droid, not milestone and it rocks. 2.2 userland on a 2.1 kernel would suck.

  • kwest12

    Blah, I got all excited with the title of the article! I have the Droid X on the way so the boot loader is similarly locked. I thought this was big news on that front… guess not :/

  • kwest12

    correction of my post: “boot loader is similarly *signed”

  • dverwoert

    My Motorola Milestone is also in the repair shop and I am going to replace it with a Galaxy S in the next couple of days. Where can I get information on how many others are having problems with their Milestone?

  • F. Augusztin

    dverwoert: each and every milestone user, reboots are a “feature” of Motorola Milestone 2.1 update.