Verizon’s NFL Mobile App Re-Launches in the Android Market

Two words: Red Zone. RedZone. As in NFL RedZone on your Verizon Droid. That is all I need to hear to become ecstatically excited about the re-launch of the Verizon-exclusive NFL Mobile app in the Android Market. Yeah, I didn’t realize they pulled it down, either, after I downloaded the initial release of the app back in April. Sure, the instant buzz of having access to all of the big moments and plays from every game on any given Sunday streaming live on your Droid is killed a bit once you find out starting September 1st you will need to pay a VCast Video fee of $10 a month to access the video content on the app, but it may just be worth it for catching all the action while tailgating or roosting high in the lofty upper deck of M&T Bank Stadium watching the Ravens crush every opponent in sight.


The new version features other enhancements to the UI and an overall improved user experience, which makes it worlds better than the first version we saw. If you are a football fan in the slightest and on Verizon you would be doing a disservice to yourself not to download the app, even if you don’t feel the need to pony up the extra cash for video content.


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  • ari-free

    -A guide to phone marketing campaigns-
    Verizon/Droid: watching the Ravens crush every opponent in sight
    Samsung: epic battles on your phone!
    Sprint/EVO: First!

  • ari-free

    Apple: cries

  • Kwaping

    Streaming video won’t be available inside the stadium or in the “immediate vicinity”, according to the ToA. Also, they will be enforcing NFL blackouts via GPS location. :(

  • shawn1224

    That’s BS, didn’t they say it would be free for the 1st year. Thank god I can still use the hacked version for TMO on my Mytouch.

  • Dave

    I wonder how many minutes of video will eat up the new tiered bandwidth?

  • Keith

    They absolutely said it would be free until Jan 1, 2011 when it was released in April 2010…too bad

  • Wyatt Beougher

    “but it may just be worth it for catching all the action while tailgating or roosting high in the lofty upper deck of M&T Bank Stadium watching the Ravens crush every opponent in sight.”


    The Ravens can’t beat Carson Palmer, thus they won’t win their division.


  • Ace Curry

    Damn Verizon has all the good apps. Fuck Verizon.

  • Ace Curry

    Sorry about the bad language, it is really making me very angry.

  • ari-free

    Verizon doesn’t want you to be angry. They want you to switch. :)

  • jw

    TOS state that they are enforcing blackouts via GPS and the the service will be disabled in the stadium and in the immediate vacinity.

  • S Reyes

    “…it may just be worth it for catching all the action while tailgating or roosting high in the lofty upper deck of M&T Bank Stadium watching the Ravens crush every opponent in sight.”

    Woooooooo Go Ravens! Superbowl run this year, it’s happening.

  • arcade fire

    I’ll work for food.

  • Mark

    So it is free to download, but on September 1st, will it automatically bill me $10 or will it lock me out of the app and ask for money?

  • Wait a Minute

    If we have tired data will this not eat up band width I could use for something else , STOP THE TIRED DATA PLANS .
    Offer more goodies to use band width then jerk the band width away , SMART , NOT !

  • onlyever

    SO now I have two different NFL mobiles on my Incredible.
    I use neither.

  • jaime

    Did anyone catch what he said about the Ravens crushing every opponent in sight….This man knows his football…kudos.

  • Scott

    RAVENS! Is this site based out of Baltimore? Season ticket holder and live in Canton!

  • ObsceneJesster

    The Ravens will own there division this year after the pick up of Dante Stallworth and Anquan Boldin. They have one of the top 3 running backs in the league and now they have one of the top 3 receivers in the league. Teams won’t know whether to stack the box or play the dime.

  • EdReed

    I love phandroid even more now because they love the ravens!

  • chris

    Go Ravensssssssss

  • Wyatt Beougher

    Oh, you delusional Ravens fans amuse me greatly. a) Dante Stallworth is a number 3 receiver, AT BEST. b) Anquan Boldin is a number 2 receiver with a diva-like attitude. Without Larry Fitzgerald drawing a ton of double coverage (and still making plays), Boldin isn’t going to produce for squat. c) Ray Rice is a top 3 running back? Can you back that up with some kind of stats? Cedrick Benson broke the Ravens streak of holding opposing rushers under 100 yards last year, if you remember correctly. d) The Ravens can’t beat Carson Palmer. When Palmer is the starting qb for the Bengals, the best the Ravens have managed is a split against the Bengals. e) Ed Reed is starting the season on the PUP list, making him ineligible for the first six games of the season, one of which is a game against Cincinnati. If you don’t think that’s huge, you’re more delusional than I thought. f) Cincinnati is still the defending AFC North champions, having SWEPT THE DIVISION LAST YEAR. g) The only starters the Bengals lost were Vern Coles, who couldn’t catch a cold (and was subsequently replaced with a huge upgrade in Antonio Bryant), and Shayne Graham, the choke-artist kicker who is now a Raven. h) Cincy’s returning their entire 4th-ranked defense, while Baltimore’s defense is simply another year older.

  • A.C.

    And as soon as your D can find a time machine they will be top 3 too!! …

  • ObsceneJesster

    @Wyatt Beougher…I’m sorry. Ray Rice is projected to be the 4th best Running Back this year. Here’s the sources.

    Here we have the 2010 NFL Power Rankings that clearly shows the Raven’s favored over the Bengal’s. Go find me a source that has the Bengal’s coming out on-top of the Ravens.

  • pt21

    FFS can we PLEASE get an official NFL app in the UK?

  • Enlight

    Homie.. Stallworth is a No. 4 at best !!

  • Mike

    Ravens and Bengals fans:

    It’s the Steelers division (and always will be).

  • Firelight

    This is CRAP. I have the ‘previous’ version from April and it will not let me use it – I HAVE TO UPGRADE and that means changing the TAS and Verizon lied about the 1year free streaming. FRAK!

  • the dude

    Can someone post a link to the Tmobile hacked app version? I can’t seem to google it. Thanks.

  • rehnhart

    Not worth it!

  • MG

    WHAT A JOKE! There is absolutely NO way this is worth $10/month. I am on Verizon and love the Service but QUIT with the Nickle and Diming of your customers. Sprint may not have the best coverage in my area but my bill could easily be half what I am paying with Verizon and that is before all the add-ons that VZW wants you to pay that Sprint includes for no extra charge (I know Sprint no longer has NFL but look at everything else they offer for no charge that VZW rapes you for). UGHH, the price I pay and sacrifices I make to have reliable service.

    Thats my rant!

  • chris

    Predictions don’t mean shit its all about who wins and the bengals are defending division champs im not even a bengals fans ravens get older what have they done to replace their old worn out d? And for ray rice all i gotta say is chris johnson puts him to shame

  • ObsceneJesster

    @Chris….No shit predictions don’t mean anything. That’s why there called “predictions”.

    What they do say however, is all of the professionals who fallow the NFL for a living think the Raven’s are a better team than the Bengal’s this year. Yea, anything can happen, but the odd’s of the Raven’s taking the division are better than the Bengal’s winning the division.

    Lastly, I never said Ray Rice was the number 1 running back. Obviously there is better running backs in the league. That’s just like me saying. “Yea, well Peyton Manning is a better QB than Carson Palmer”.

  • Ron

    Go Steelers!

  • v4npro

    Ravens!! Let’s do it!

  • Matt

    I’m a college fb uber-fan who watches NFL so that I can observe the later development of players who used to play the best sport in the US. I also have a crippling addiction to NFL fantasy football.

    As such, I am unbiased.

    That said, Ray Rice will unquestionably be a top 3 RB. He should easily be the “it” back within his division.

    To maintain topicality, I’ll reiterate that Verizon’s abandonment of the previously iterated free year of Redzone coverage is utter and complete nonsense.

  • mwl1119

    WHODEY…….. 8-0 in the division yet again!

  • dmodert66

    Rob should have included the press release here. All video is free if you downloaded the app before July 22nd and upgraded to the new version…From the press release… customers who downloaded NFL Mobile prior to July 22 will continue to enjoy all of the features of the app at no additional cost through Super Bowl XLV. Usage of the app will continue to be charged according to the customer’s data package.”

    Link to press release :

  • thissucks

    this is ridiculous that they publish an app that is free, than a few months later (which is of course not even football season)change their app pricing. They are out of their damned minds if they think i am going to pay 10 dollars, on top of the already ridiculous amount i have to pay for the unlimited plan, to watch an NFL game on my mobile device. Do they not realize that this is a matter of convenience not necessity. If i felt like being nickeled and dimed, i would be paying for the superfan package from direct TV.

  • Mike

    Why does this app assume i am roaming and refuse to play video content. Garbage!

  • JSet

    I was bummed when the NFL app left Sprint to go to Verizon. But then Sprint built their own app that is basically the same thing (at least the features that I used were the same). Then I was bummed to hear the the NFL Redzone was now available on the new Verizon app.

    But no way is it worth $10. Verizon charges for every app they provide. I wasn’t (and still don’t) paying a penny for all the features and apps Sprint provides (GPS, NFL app, Nascar app, etc).

  • Greg

    I think that the $10 charge is for the entire Vcast pack, not just the NFL Mobile app. The app will still work, but you won’t have access to the video features, such as the NFL Network Live stream.

  • Tyrone Biggums

    So it looks like anyone who downloaded it before July 22 will save $40-$50 (depending if they charge $10 for Jan or not).

  • Scott

    Here’s the VZW deal: IF you subscribed earlier this year, it’s still a feeebie. The rest of us pony up the $10/month.