Motorola i1 First Android PTT Phone at Boost Mobile Retail Stores Today


As of today the first iDEN push-to-talk Android phone to come onto the market is now available at Boost Mobile retails stores. For the price of $299.99 you’ll get a pay as you go smartphone featuring a 3.1-inch touchscreen military grade hardware to combat the roughest elements and keep our little green robot safe. The i1 isn’t currently available online, so if you are looking to pick one up you’ll have to head to your local Boost Mobile retailer.

[via MobileBurn]

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  • Wyatt Beougher

    Actually with TiKL, any Android phone that supports it can be used for PTT.

  • b3n

    @Wyatt Beougher i love that app. its amazing. way better than sms.

  • wodin

    I get some error with TiKL about not having a country code programmed into my sim card…I have a cdma phone. I saw the FAQ and all it mentioned was having a blank phone #, but mine is there in the settings like it should be. Any ideas?

  • ralph

    are u guys sure its $299.99 and $349.99

  • Mark

    this is android 1.5 pretty outdated. otoh if this had 2.1, means pretty good

  • ari-free

    I want military grade hardware…imagine this being used in the field as part of some kind of robot

  • brian1972

    whats the point of a 2g android phone!!!

    points for effort boost mobile, but not for execution

  • DRew

    I think Android should be everywhere and this is great start for boost, go guys!

  • tomT

    Good start for a 9 year old. Iden cant handle it.

  • Jean Jory

    Overpriced when you can get two for the price of one at another phone company

  • steve

    i just bought this phone i paid 440 after tax there full of shit

  • Erik

    I’m in Tampa Bay, FL and can’t find the i1 at and boost retailers. I have been to radio shack, best buy, sprint…!
    Specifically in the St. Petersburg area. I haven’t tried in Tampa.
    Best Buy actually had the dummy phone on display but said they don’t have the phone available for sale!! Go figure.

  • Charles

    Im in woodbridge, VA called best buy, radio shack, sprint. Cant find the Morotola i1 Either.