Galaxy Beam Shows Up on Samsung Singapore’s Site


We heard earlier this month that the Samsung Galaxy Beam, the first phone with a built in projector, would be headed to Singapore’s StarHub. The Beam has now gone live on Samsung’s own regional site for the country, where you can get a nice overview of the device and the various things it offers. Aside from the slower processor speed of 720MHz, the Beam in many ways resembles a Galaxy S phone beefed up to provide a heavy media experience. It has an 8MP camera with an LED flash compared to the 5MP, no flash camera of the Galaxy S. And did we mention is has a projector? Head over to the Samsung page for all the details.

[via UnwiredView]

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  • Emoth

    Do we know how thick it is? It looks pretty chunky to me.

  • Dave

    How many lumens does the projector have and what resolution does it project?

  • Kevin

    @ Emoth – It’s 15mm thick. So, 2mm thinner than the G1, but 4-5mm thicker than the EVO, iPhone, or the Galaxy S.

    @ Dave – I’m not sure of the lumen count, but it’s a 640 x 480 projection.

  • toematoe

    The phone is out in Singapore for 5 days since last week.