Samsung Working on Unbreakable AMOLED Display

Because they are having such an easy time keeping up with making good old fashioned AMOLED screens (oh what, they aren’t), Samsung has their mind on the future and technology that will create unbreakable AMOLED displays. How will they do this? By simply using a plastic AMOLED panel covered with a thin film transistor, and then replacing the vinyl protection sheet with a polyimide film. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry. All you need to know is this screen will be UNBREAKABLE. And maybe you could even do this:

Samsung plans to get this AMOLED out within two years. In all seriousness, hopefully they will have figured out a way to produce the screens at a much higher capacity by then.

[OLED-Display via Gizmodo]

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  • nlsme

    Love the song

  • cmherron

    Wicked cool. Now if they could only turn the flexible screen into the entire phone…

  • tauran

    Nuts! I need one in my Droid 2 ;) january CES?

  • im_myself

    when this song first came out a year or 2 ago i wondered what amoled meant, never saw the phone commercial so didn’t make the connection

    just in case anyone was interested its
    amoled -son dam bi and after school

  • IzRey

    Samsung is really pushing the edge right now. This is awesome. This is going to open up possibilities for a whole new generation of screens that don’t need to be stiff. Imagine carrying around some rolled up AMOLED screen. Or hanging one up in the corner of your room with a slight curve to make use of the space. This is going to be cool!!


    AN AMOLED SONG? Before I even realized what she was saying I was reaching for Shazam. Wow that song is catchy.

  • tomisrom

    live wallpapers:coming soon to a room near you

  • Megs

    That’s pretty cool! I’m impressed.

    Looked like it was basically scratch resistant too. All without needing a protector.

    IzRey: That would be awesome. It’d be like having a projector in your room without having the image blurred at all. It’d make for some pretty crazy TVs and laptops too. Roll’n’go!

  • ari-free

    yes but I really hope samsung is working on a screen with great color but also great rgb resolution

  • Linuxguru

    My thoughts on par with op first kick out your technology you have at a rate to keep up with demand. Shoot this is the main reason the incredible failed. Maybe HTC is to blame just as much since they should ov done a little more research.

  • Speurk

    That video is old and is this really news, the video was put up in october last year….

  • code012

    Oh, WOW! Then maybe this news is true after all:

    Could this be on the Galaxy S2?

  • Neemo

    Now if only they can make a touch sensor as durable as this display

  • 2FR35H

    samsung innovating again this is why I love samsung.

  • Phil

    Doesn’t matter. Apple will invent this after the fact and sites like Engadget will ignore its existence until Apple has declared that they invented it and its magical.

  • StevO


  • Wakaflockaflame

    Apple sucks

  • Gunner

    Flexible oled displays have been around for years, but nobody has been able to mass produce them. Hopefully, Sammy can get it done. Samsung, I both hate you and love you simultaneously.

    Oh..and every time I see one of these I think of Minority Report.

  • coasterman927

    …are the girls in the song really saying “AMOLED”, or am I just going nuts?

    Very cool stuff!

  • ari-free

    and of course this great tech leads to military applications :)

  • phoenix

    @coasterman927: -.- i facepalmed

  • Mike C

    The Incredible failed? It’s getting Froyo, 720P HD Video Recording, 802.11n and more within the next few weeks, I’d hardly call that “failed”.

  • ari-free

    Mike, not by HTC. Even the evo uses the same snapdragon cpu in the HD2, a phone that was released in November LAST YEAR. If they kept with the times, they would be on par with droid x or SGS

  • Martin Pelant

    I have seeen this video like a Year ago

  • Paulswift36

    This will also make the screens might lighter which will be very cool as well

  • Narflar

    What about scratches?

  • Bryan

    @ari-free just FYI the HD2 was NOT released in November last year it was released in MARCH of this year :)

  • Shay