T-Mobile UK Getting the Samsung Galaxy Apollo this August

T-Mobile UK’s looking to add another of Samsung’s lower-end Androids to their line-up by introducing the Samsung Galaxy Apollo. The Galaxy Apollo has proven to be a viable option for those that can’t be bothered being locked into a three-year agreement for a higher-end device at cheaper rates.


I’m sure the device will be offered under agreement, but it’s more likely that T-Mobile UK will push it heavily as a cheap-yet-capable Pay-As-You-Go device. We should be seeing it hitting the carrier this August.

[via EuroDroid]

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  • G8D

    I don’t think anywhere offers a 3 year contract o.O
    And I doubt anyone would ever commit for more than 2 years..

  • ayalew

    @G7D All of the providers here in Canada make you sign for 3 years if you want to pay the standard $199 price for a smartphone.