Motorola WX445 – An Entry-Level Android Handset for Verizon?

A little piece of joy decided to peek its head out to catch some sun this weekend (but only for a little bit. Those heat waves are no joke.) The Motorola WX445 looks to be an entry-level Android-based handset for Verizon. From what Engadget was able to gather from their tipster, the device is running Android 2.1, has a screen between 2.5 and 3 inches, a camera with no flash, and has an 1170mAh battery keeping its dreams alive.

moto-wx445-sm-10 (1)

The device looks like it could be running MOTOBLUR (or some variant of it). No physical keyboard to be had, and Engadget’s describing it to look like a Palm Pre Plus sans the keyboard and good looks. Verizon’s no doubt targeting the low-end market with this device as their 4.3-inch mammoth – the Motorola Droid X – may not appease everyone’s needs when the device officially touches down this Thursday.

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  • Colin

    other then having no flash, this is exactly what my wife has been looking for, I hope they make more phones like this for Verizon.

  • Matt

    ^ you’re gay, this is a terrible use of their resources, they should be making cutting edge phones, not piles of crap like this. This is going to be Moto’s “kin” and will sell 600 before hittin the crapper

  • Lyle

    HOOOOORAY. This is the phone of my dreams. Cheap and easy to replace. Who wants those expensive phones with their over the top features like GPS, flash for the camera, keyboards. And I can enjoy all this on its postage size screen. I think I am in love!

  • XanaduL

    Is that sarcasm? If so ROFLMAO!

  • su2lly

    Now if only Verizon had a family data plan like Sprint this would be a great first phone for my son. Speaking of my son, I’m sure his response to Matt’s post would include something like “No Matt, you’re gay!” but that would be because he’s 11 years old. What’s your excuse Matty?

  • AJ

    Well, I think the important question is, what kind of data plan will be required for it? If it’s the smartphone $30/mo plan, then you might as well get an awesome phone at that point.