Don’t Touch that Robot! Bypass the Android Setup Tutorial

I know, I know, for many of us it may be more than just a little tempting to gently stroke that little green robot as you boot up your phone or a newly installed ROM for the first time. We all have enough loving for the green guy to go around, but sometimes it may be best to keep our hands to ourselves. Now, not every phone goes through this process depending on the flavor of Android and manufacturer, but chances are if you are the sort of person who wants to skip it you have experienced the setup tutorial more than enough times.


This quick tip is actually quite simple. When beckoned to “touch the Android” just press the four corners, starting in the upper left, in a clockwise order and you can get right into configuring the phone the way you want to. Load up your WiFi, add a few accounts…do whatever, the way you deal with withdraw from not touching the Android is up to you.

[PocketNow via Gizmodo]

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  • phiredrop

    This could have come in handy many times in the past year! Thanks for the tip!

    Does this work on all ROMs?

  • Beamer

    I’ve now this for a year I used it to bypass gmail setup becuz at the time I did not have data

  • xmetl

    this is really old shouldnt you have posted this months ago?

  • moises

    more like a year ago

  • MensahWatts


  • Javi

    This is news to me. Thanks for the tip

  • nXt

    Uhh with current versions of Android, you can touch the android, then when it asks to put in your gmail, tap SKIP and you’re done.

  • oliveoil

    Thanks for the tip. I’m new to Android and didn’t know this information.

  • Bryan

    Say what you will about the timelyness if this article, but this is news to me..

  • Alexandra

    It works for me, hun. Thank you for the post.

  • Minja

    This would actually make it take more time to set up all the accounts. I would only use this if A) I don’t want to activate the phone and B) if the ROM is only a halfway point to another ROM.

  • McHale

    If you think this news is old, just wait until Boy Genius Report reprints it in a couple days!

  • Mike C

    Wanna make a bet the kids in here don’t even get the play on words that is? Okay, to be fair, I’ll tell-Back in the day announcers would say “Don’t touch that dial!” to try to keep you from changing the channel, that was before all TV’s had remotes ;)

  • Legion

    Amateur hour Kevin.

  • Pedant

    Mike C – You’re a kid yourself :P It’s from the radio days :)

  • Mohammad

    This did not work for my my my touch 3g!!!

  • Mohammad


  • Josh

    This didnt work on my G1 but i just tried it on a friends droid and it worked like a charm.

  • ukfan14

    does this work with the mytouch slide? i was thing about getting one off on ebay but i dont have a data plan

  • Matt

    can you do this with the G1?

  • Amanda

    Thanks alot! I have been searching for hours trying to bypass that activation screen & your video helped! How can I unlock the phone to use it under another carrier?

  • Bailet

    I just had to do a factory reset on my phone (G1) and it’s asking me for my gmail info, but it’s not recognizing the WiFi. So, my phone is useless right now. How do I skip the tutorial, because the clockwise tap action isn’t working.