Android 2.2 SDK Gets Refreshed To Match Official Nexus One Release


Here’s a public service announcement for you: The Android 2.2 SDK for developers has been refreshed to match the official release of Froyo for the Nexus One. The SDK released along with the announcement of Android 2.2 at Google I/O was a preview of an early Nexus One build, but those using the older version are encouraged to update to the latest release using the SDK manager. Huzzah.

[via Android Developer’s Blog]

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  • jdog

    Everything is working bug free except for the trackball won’t change colors if your screen is on when you get the notification :(

  • DroidDev

    @jdog….XDA site has a fix for that.

  • GVinvitesGiveAway

    Why is google still selling nexus one with eclair, instead of froyo? Check out

  • Lewis

    Nice! Can’t wait until the Eris build is ready, because I will be rooting my phone to use it.

  • Aaron

    @GVinvites… google likely has a stock of nexus ones in warehouses. Would you really expect any company to go through their entire inventory just to do an update that will happen as soon as the owner turns it on anyway???


  • Maj

    thanks for the heads up

  • jdog

    @DroidDev For stock users? I had a rooted Mytouch for 7 months and I am not going to root my Nexus One.

    @GVinvites When you turn on a Nexus One you get a pop-up telling you a new update is available. The Nexus Ones come 2.1 and not even 2.1 update 1.

  • jb

    Does anyone know when 2.2 will come to mytouch?

  • Bweb

    Just ordered the second Nexus one for my girlfriend, reality is that this phone is the future. To bad the Iphone drones can’t see that a android is much better (for many reasons). Follow the next update to see the rich enhancements now that the software is IMO rock solid and blazing fast. Making Apple look bad is pretty cool too, yeah yeah they sold a lot of phones but the reality is Android didn’t get this popular this quickly by being a mock of a OS, its the real deal. IOS what a joke, come on people see the world for what it is, Software ROCKS!!! thank you OEM’s…. :)

  • Totya

    Who’s laughing now as nexus one discontinued?