Some Early Motorola Charm Specs

After receiving a pretty convincing shot of the device in the wild, TmoNews pulled some more information out from their source regarding what’s going on with the Motorola Charm behind the scenes. Aside from the already-confirmed addition of Android 2.1, we’ve learned it will use a 600MHz processor (not sure which architecture is being used) with 512MB of ROM and a matching 512MB of RAM.


The screen is actually 2.8-inches and has a resolution of QVGA. Despite the low-end externals, it’ll come with some pretty capable internals that should keep the device running smooth enough for all you social networking and texting aficionados out there who T-Mobile is aiming this device for.

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  • Zahoor

    Get some sleep Quentyn! Ur a great writer and thanks for keeping us up to date on android PHANDROID IS AWESOMEEE! :)

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Thanks Zahoor! Unfortunately, it’s not up to me to get some sleep at these very early hours ;). I’ll be sure to pass the memo along to my body!

  • Ben

    512 MB ram means quite fast I think.

  • monster

    I love how danty this phone is.

    If its cheap enough ill buy it as a back up to my nexus if I dont end up switching to sprint.

  • JAG

    will this blackberry cousin be updated in the future?

  • Ben


    why update,just use it for 1 year and throw it. The retail price is around 250 $$$, so should be free on 40 $$ or something.

  • xet

    Qvga screen? Why on earth anyone to buy a phone with that screen? At least put a 480×360 resolution.

  • AgnosJ

    Stupid question perhaps but I have been following the Charm pretty closely and still don’t know for sure: Is that a touch screen? It doesn’t look like there is a trackball or pad or even directional key, and all androids are touchscreen so far, but I just wanna see it in print before I say for sure.

  • AgnosJ

    OK wait I do see the directionals in the bottom right, but still, touch screen right? Capacitave or Resistive? Multitouch enabled?

  • Sam I Am

    Will have to see this one in person. Looks really wide & heavy. Smaller screen usually means longer battery life so I’m interested in hearing how long it lasts. Kinda looks like the Moto Q or whatever that phone was they used to sell.

  • Androidess

    @AgnosJ, it should be kind of like its older sis, the Backflip, capacitive (is there anyone else doing resistive after the Behold II?) & the backside will have their optical trackpad.