Droid X Orders Landing Early?

Reports are coming in that the Droid X has landed on a few doorsteps early, straight from Verizon Customer Care…the problem is, Verizon hasn’t even begun offering the phone as a pre-order and doesn’t plan to do so. Droid-Life did some investigating and found that a call center in Huntsville, AL has received more than a few calls concerning activating new Droid X handsets, and even grabbed up a shot of one of the early devices.


Are these shipments heading to people who switched their Droid Incredible pre-orders and got lucky? Or is the answer to the mystery rooted in the @DroidLanding Twitter account that now numbers “escaped” devices in the twenties? Up until know we believed the devices would be randomly hidden in a sort of scavenger hunt, but perhaps these early units are involved in the viral campaign. Any readers out there find a Droid X on your doorstep today? Let us know!

[via Droid-Life]

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  • Phil

    *going to check doorstep*

  • Geoffrey

    Is the Droid X GSM or CDMA?

  • David

    All DROID phones are Verizon… so CDMA.

  • coasterman927

    “Up until know we believed the devices would be randomly hidden in a sort of scavenger hunt,”

    “know” should be “now”. :)

    and I’m really diggin’ Verizon’s viral marketing. Gives the Droid name that sort of secret agent, badass, living-in-an-action-movie kind of feel. And it’s working, I want one.

  • coasterman927

    @Geoffrey, CDMA. Sadly. :(

  • Brandon

    “CDMA. Luckily :)”


  • swehes

    T-mobile needs to learn from this marketing strategy. :) ++ from me. :)

  • chaos

    Now if only someone can verify the status of the bootloader, I can order a new phone :0D.

    By the way, why does the main page say 6 comments when there are only four? Always bugged me.

  • swehes

    I see 7 comments and that is what it is telling me it is.

  • coasterman927


    don’t be silly now. :P

  • Will

    Damn now I’m gonna be pissed when I get home and there’s no box.

  • LaMarcus

    I wish Verizon would come out with a phone plan like Sprint offers. Verizon Clearly has hottest phones. Im tired of T-mobile and this myTouch is making me sick!!!

  • Rob

    Who the hell ever bought a MyTouch lololol. The chronological order for WORTHY Android phone purchases is clearly G1<Droid<Anything with dual core proc. Too many bought garbage phones. You buy the G1 to get in the mix, the Droid to stay fly, and wait patiently for the DC or 2.0 ghz.

  • LaMarcus

    @Rob. I traded my Blackberry 8900 for the myTouch and im locked into contract til late Feb. I would be a happy Evo owner right now if it wasnt for that. Just keep me in prayer.

  • Steve

    @chaos: it will be locked. Motorola prefers it that way.

  • TF

    “11. LaMarcus wrote on July 6, 2010

    I wish Verizon would come out with a phone plan like Sprint offers. Verizon Clearly has hottest phones. Im tired of T-mobile and this myTouch is making me sick!!!”

    1 year ago, did anyone ever think we’d hear anyone say “Verizon clearly has the hottest phones”? I know I didn’t, it was always network first, phones second for them… talk about a total about face for them. To do a double quote… “This is shocking!” … “I’m shocked Cotton!”

  • Dre

    Ok somebody please explain the whole scavenger hunt thing because im confused….Should I have a Baseball bat while looking for this thing…LOL J/k ….Ok im not

  • Legion

    Most likely Incredible Preorders that were switched, not the first time its happened. The keyboard on this thing is flawless! Ive never had such an easy time typing. And the chin thing is so overexaggerated, not a bother at all.

  • zaccheus

    this post has me amped! i called a couple weeks ago to change my order after they announced the droid x but they told me not to cancel my incredible preorder because they were going to be sending me something in the mail asking me if i wanted to switch. they said they “notated” my account, but then a couple days ago i received an email saying my order had been shipped. initally i was mad because i figured they were shipping me the incredible, but now i have hope that it is the x. of course i get home from work to find that fedex came and left :( fingers crossed! i dont feel like arguing with verizon about how i called and tried to cancel…

  • chaos

    @steve: Sauce please? :\

  • kwest12

    @chaos, if “sauce” means “proof” then I second that.
    @Steve, do you have proof that the bootloader is signed (encrypted) or are you just assuming that? I haven’t visited the forums since about 7:00, but barring any changes, I don’t think the status of the bootloader is certain one way or another. That said, it’s highly likely that you are correct.

  • Bob

    verizon is trying to whip up some publicity. not a bad idea.

  • JRDroid

    If Verizon had plans like Sprint they wouldn’t be able to afford to bring all the best phones first with these awesome marketing campaigns. Plus then we would probably get crappy customer service like Sprint. As a former sprint customer who switched to verizon for the droid on launch day, I can say you get what you pay for.

  • Peter

    I found an early Galaxy S on the doorstep a few days ago.

  • Matreyu

    I changed my order from the Incredible to the X in store. Does that mean my X is waiting for me there? I was only told they’d hold one for me. Had I known I’d possibly get one early I wouldve had it shipped to my house!

  • Dogsby

    Well that’s a nice surprise. There is hope that they will enough phones for everyone.

  • chaos

    Lol bad joke. I know. Still waiting for the info on the bootloader info.

  • Legion

    @ chaos, a group of devs have a hold of one. I will update this page when its been confirmed.

  • iziedoesit

    @Brandon, CDMA unfortunately. Lawyered!

  • JAG

    I wish GSM version be alredy in the production.

    Cant to have a GSM (DROID X)

  • SithSurfer

    Any news of this comming to the UK? Sounds like a good alternative to Desire and HTC taking-forever OS updates.

  • Dave

    I have 2 Incredibles on order, one for my wife and one for me. I’ve stopped by the store and called and called again last night. Every time I get the same response. I cancel the Incredible order but have to wait when the Droid X comes available on the 15th to order it. Has anyone successfully canceled a Incredible order and ordered a Droid X?

  • Courtney


    I am getting the same response as well! I ordered the Droid Incredible and have been trying to switch for several days now and they wont let me pre-order. Why are some people able to pre-order and others are not?

  • Rick James

    Nice phone! Hope you like the stock ROM with that encrypted bootloader.

  • Matreyu


    I went into my local store last Friday where the employee’s are pretty knowledgeable of all the devices. I asked to switch my back-ordered Incredible to the Droid X. The guy had to follow some printed-up instructions entitled (paraphrasing here)”Instructions for Switching Droid Incredible to Droid X”. It was the first time he’d done this it took a good 20 minutes for him to figure it out. Basically he had to cancel my first order and then “reserved” me an X for launch day. In the end, I got my account credited for my Incredible purchase. I think I was told I would have to come get the Droid X on launch day.

  • Incredible

    Sadly theres no way to preorder a Droid X .. or I would have done so myself. However I do know the store near me had the demo phones come in yesterday and man that thing is awesome compaired to my Incredible. If you live in the south area most stores will have about 100 each on the 15th. When I asked about inventory for my area the guy said they have 18,000 for the first week to be followed by 14,000 for the second week. He also said thats over 12,000 more than we had for the incredible at launch. Stores will probably open early on the 15th for the X launch btw.

  • Matreyu

    That confirms what my store told me last week, that I can’t preorder the Droid X. The store can only hold one for me. And he added he hadn’t heard of any potential shortages and they should have plenty.
    They also received a demo yesterday but I haven’t had time to run out there to see it.

  • http://www.mensahwatts.com MensahWatts

    Coolish it is sounding like there will be plenty so hopefully if I wait it out to see if it has any bugs, I will be able to snatch one up right away. …a… @ Incredible better then the incredible? The incredible is a bad ass phone…If the X is much better then that says a lot. Buy then way I have heard of a possible release date of 4g on the 15TH…which would explain the X coming out in the 15th…man that would be cool