ShootMe Works on Non-Rooted T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide, As Well

That same security hole that plagued the HTC EVO 4G (which allowed root-only application ShootMe to go about its business as usual) has been discovered to work for non-rooted MyTouch 3G Slides. It was discovered when a few of our members over at the Slide section at were trying to compare speed test results and a member asked how people were able to grab screens on their devices.


We’re not sure how much of an indication this is of the device’s overall security, but if it’s anything like the EVO’s problem (that’s since been patched and was once believed to be a Sprint-only Sense problem), then T-Mobile and HTC will want to start plugging away at getting these holes taken care of.

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  • Justin

    Doesn’t work on my Cliq XT :-(

  • Dennis

    Doesn’t work on myTouch 3G non slide.

  • ari-free

    easy screenshots are nice but android has to be a secure platform

  • Efrain

    Works great on mt3g slide(not rooted)

  • going_home

    I’m not getting this story at all. What in the world does root mean and why does this mean theres a security hole on the MT3GS ?


  • Dogby


    Root is superuser access in Linux. This story means superuser is accessible when it’s supposed to be locked out.

  • Paul

    rooting is like hacking or jailbreaking.
    If you re-read this then you’ll notice they never said the MT3GS had a hole but that the application that only works on rooted phones works on a factory slide

  • BigBangGroup

    Works perfect on EVO with no update and unrEVOked installed! Killer app…been wanting this ability for weeks. Kudos to the chefs. Wifi Tether aint bad either with unrEVOked installed. No ROM hassles and all the fun for those who dont want to risk the real ROOT.

  • http://thisone hi how are u

    it doesnt work on my mt3gs

  • swood

    doesnt work on my mytouch 3g slide. anyone know what to do