HTC Aria is Bigger than the HTC EVO 4G, Features 4G [Marketing Blunders]

Marketing mistakes are common, but we still get a bit childish in snickering at the offenders. This time, Best Buy has listed the HTC Aria in the latest edition of their Mobile Buyer’s Guide. To the left of the Area is Verizon’s LG Ally, and to the right: the HTC EVO 4G. Both devices appear to be much smaller than AT&T’s latest Android.


To be fair, it’s common for a device’s size to be misconstrued in an advertisement due to the need to display it more prominently, but can the fact that the HTC Aria is showing 4G capability be forgiven? Of course it can! We just get such a kick out of this stuff that we had to point it out as if Best Buy employed the most inexperienced marketing department ever. In reality, the people that are targeted by this guide won’t really care either way, nor will they notice.


[via BGR]

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  • Jean-Loup

    I like the “Worldwide exclusive White HTC EVO”, as if the EVO was available anywhere other than the US…

  • Phil

    Am I the only one that sees that this is just perspective? The Aria is just in front of the other two. They are like on a carousel or cover flow type of deal where the object in focus is closer to you.

  • dan

    @phil. Thought the same thing

  • pimpstrong

    @ 1 – it makes you want to be an American
    @ 2 – we phone people see a carousel but your avg person who doesn’t know anything about phones/that phone will see a gynormous EVO killer

  • xBeRx

    I was there yesterday to set my appointment at 7am (had to make sure i was the first appointment)

    I pointed the error out to a mobile guy, he laughed and showed his co workers the error of the 4g. not all the guides have it though, i think it was a photoshop error, and they noticed it half way

    either way it blows haha

  • ari-free

    This is good for EVO…it won’t look too big

  • Hampteezy

    Makes me laugh, the Aria is sooo small tho, it looks similar in size to the evo in the ad but it micro size in real life. I feel like zoolander when i hold it. lol

  • JRDroid

    Of course we understand it is perspective, but the phones look so similar, that some people may not.

  • reje75

    The irony of you calling the Aria the Area in the first paragraph makes me chuckle. I am purposely keeping my response short since I don’t want to be ridiculed for my grammatical errors after mocking yours.


    That’s alot of B.S. Aria is on AT&T 3G network. Theirs no Aria with 4G. Just bunch of lies trying to make people buy more of the HTC ARIA. Just glad I didn’t get it yet.

  • Ashveratu

    I really get a kick out of the “Worldwide Exclusive” white HTC Evo. I guess that means we can only get the white Evo in this world and not in some other world. I wonder if I could get it in a parrallel dimension.

  • echoota

    Where are the Aria’s nav buttons?

    This whole ad just reeks of a marketing dept running roughshod.

  • dopple

    You realize that Best Buy doesn’t make these images right? They are provided by the vendor, so start pointing the finger to HTC.