Droid Incredible Gets Burned Alive, Still Wouldn’t Die

If anyone has ever questioned the build quality of the HTC Droid Incredible (or HTC’s products in general) then perhaps this story would be enough to change your perception. Android Central forums user tyler0630 was at the beach one night and created himself a nice, warm bonfire to accompany him as he sat on the sand.


Little did he know that his Droid Incredible would get a little adventurous and jump right into the pit of fire. The physical damage was pretty bad (as one might expect from a piece of plastic meeting a burning flame) but that didn’t stop the phone from turning on and continuing to work as if it came fresh out of the store.


I almost mustered up enough courage to see if my EVO could withstand the same punishment, but I’d rather not chance it. You probably shouldn’t either.

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  • Ann Droid

    If phandroid keeps putting out stupid articles like this, I’ll need to go elsewhere for real news.

  • Moe

    WOAW, thats INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • pimpstrong

    @ Ann – Live a little

  • Alex

    Remember Schwarzenegger at the end of Terminator 2?

    I would almost keep that phone instead of getting a replacement, just because it’s kind of hardcore.

  • swehes

    Now this phone has some character. :)

  • J

    Stories like this are useful, you will be hard pressed to find burn tolerances for android phones elsewhere Ann

  • ashley

    gives me hope that maby one day they can make a toddler proff one too. Now that would be a good story …… lol

  • smoknjo

    well said J

  • donna

    wow thats a good product there…i dont care who you are!!

  • Robert

    These are the kind of articles I love! Don’t let Ann Droid bring you down Quentyn. :)

  • al

    I, too, would continue using this phone.

    And, my first call would be to HTC about a commercial for the phone.

  • weezyweazel

    @Ann Droid Stupid? Really? Considering how many folks in the forums slag off on HTC quality in general, I think it’s relative and interesting. And as much “hard” news we get on this site, it’s nice to have little diversions like this.

  • Joel

    Well hopefully my EVO doesnt feel suicidal when I go camping this weekend and decided to jump into the fire lol

    @Ann ….go to gizmodo…HARDCORE news…just for you! :P

  • John

    It would appear you are in the minority. I’m glad. I like these articles. If I want hard-hitting news I can always read People magazine. ;-)

  • Ann Droid

    Okay I lied, more stories like this!!

    It would be great to see a story about a phone that fell out of an airplane, but downloaded parachuting software and called the owner to update him/her on its location!

    Or how about the phone that survived being blended!

  • Dwayne

    Maybe you could help me out with something? Why do so many people like to complain so much? Did this article hurt you or anyone else in any way? Oh you guess you’d say it was a waste of your time. Well, how much time did it waste before you decided it wasn’t that interesting? I just wish people would chill out a bit. Or as the song says, “don’t bring me down!” :)

  • jdog

    HTC Terminator? Android = Skynet Google builds the brain while HTC builds the body.

  • WolfSV

    I for one loved this story I regulary surf about 6 android and mobile phone sites and it’s nice to see something that isn’t on all the rest also

  • http://aa5it.com Phranque

    Too cool! err.. hot
    As a designer of small(er) medical equipment I can appreciate the ability of the HTC to take this and continue to function. Thanks for sharing.

  • digitalicecream

    Great story… I want to read a follow up

  • digitalicecream

    Ahem, as I was saying… a follow up rafting story… :)

  • jeepguy

    I bet the camera’s performance has suffered.

  • Dick

    What a dumbass!

  • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

    wow..just wow. watch out for the dust..lol i kid i kid

  • mplong

    And I see just as many posts from people talking about the phone coming out of their pocket and the glass shattering. Maybe the phone can survive some things, but it certainly isn’t going to hold up to a lot of abuse.

  • Ace Curry

    And in completely related news, if you drop an iPhone 4-5 times, it will be shattered and completely unusable.

  • Don in LA

    Ann – damn girl! We get a release date for 2.2 for the Motos’, an update on Goggle Music, and info on phones being rooted; and you complain about a puff piece about a phone working after it let itself of fire! … Your not much fun at parties are you??

  • subz

    It’s GLaDoS in mobile form…and it’s still alive :P

  • bill

    That’ll buff out…

  • trainwreck

    haha, and the iphone wont even work if you hold it wrong.

  • Alex

    Hot tamale, hot hot tamale!
    Hot tamale, hot hot!

  • http://gamingbygrace.com Hampteezy

    i agree with the first comment. this is lame as it gets.

  • Darth Sidious

    You Verizon brutes are the types I love. You smash them… crush them… now you burn them. But nothing is better than to use force lighting on one when a call is drop. But, I never had a dropped call…. yet.

  • Nursereese

    Awesome! :P Love it!

  • Marc

    My Incredible was thrown of a deck and onto the street with considerable force. The back cover was on the near side of the road, the phone ended up in the middle of the far lane of traffic, and the battery was behind a parked car across the street. I thought it was trash for sure. I put together and aside for dent in the case and a couple slightly bent battery connector pins the phone worked perfectly. Amazing. Love my Incredible.

  • Johne Cook

    I accidentally washed my Droid Incredible in the pocket of my shorts on Sunday. I tried to power it on afterward, nothing. Not surprising. I pulled the back cover off and took out the battery and SD card, dried them off. I plugged the phone in and it still didn’t restart. I figured it was toast.

    However, five minutes later, the phone powered on! I let it get a full charge. By the end of the night, there was just a little moisture on the inside of the bottom of the phone, and my son couldn’t hear me when I placed a call. However, I could still make and receive calls when using an earbud mic.

    The following morning, the phone worked perfectly, and has been completely fine ever since. I now call it my Unsinkable Droid Incredible (and, yes, I can hold it anyway I want when on the phone, heh).

  • Droid Lover

    I agree with Al call HTC and make a commercial lol

  • Batman

    Neosoprin can fix that.

  • Audio Driod

    This was a great article. This story did remind me of the end of T2. Did your phone give you a thumbs up as it slowly descending into the fire? Awsome story!

  • Josef F

    But the iPhone stops working if you pick it up.

  • Steve Jobs

    @ Josef F: Well then don’t pick it up.

  • trainwreck

    haha, Iphone suckers! The Human Torch can use the incredible, humans can’t use the iphone.

  • Geezer

    Actually, a thread on the forums like this would be interesting and helpful in seeing how sturdy or fragil your phone really is.

  • Beezy


  • brandon

    anndroid. don’t be stupid.