LG Ally Says Hello to Root

At long last, the LG Ally has been rooted. The device – which was released on Verizon late May – hasn’t had the most vocal fanbase (in terms of “power users”, anyway) but that doesn’t mean the development community isn’t there. After a shaky trial and error process, instructions are now up and you Ally users can enjoy the joys of being freed from the chains of all that is evil (or – to put it less dramatically – you can be happy knowing you’ll be able to do what you want with your device).


Take a look-see at this post over on AndroidForums to get started.

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  • Darkseider

    Awesome news. Now if someone could root the Backflip so I can get the AT&T crapware off of it so my wife will stop bitching at me.

  • copr165

    Ally not bad device. My wife traded her BB Tour for one nad loves it. It is not my Incredible or my Moto Droid but it is not a bad device. I like it in alot of ways.

  • Dan Gauss

    I compared the Ally to the Droid and Devour and found it smoother, more responsive and a better fit in my hand. Loving the Ally. ROOT will be awesome for backup potential.

  • Kalos

    Ally is a great piece of hardware. Just overlooked because it was a little late to the game. Rooting now.

  • Aaron

    We need custom roms and 2.2 for the ally

  • allywrecked

    Z4root not working for my LG Ally. In fatc my phone blocks any app that can b viewed as a hacking application. Can some1 lay out all the steps please!