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We told you about mSpot a while back, and if you were lucky you may even have snagged one of the spots in the invitation only beta that we had to hand out. If you don’t remember mSpot, what you need to know is that it is a service that takes the music on your desktop, hosts it in the cloud, and allows you to stream it to your mobile device. Sure, there may be a drawback to the limited space available to customers using the free version of the service (only 2GB), but if you have been looking for a good music solution for Android and don’t feel like waiting for Google Music to launch, you may find some interest in what mSpot has to offer.

If you’d rather get more space for more of your songs, you can purchase additional storage for as little as $2.99 for 10GB up to $13.99 for 100GB. You can head over to mSpot’s site for more info or to sign up, or check out the full release below.

mSpot Debuts Cloud Service to Connect Music Lovers With Their Own Collections — Always, Anywhere

Highly anticipated freemium service emerges from private beta to let users tune in to their personal music libraries using smartphone and web
Palo Alto, Calif. (June 28, 2010)—Popular cloud entertainment provider mSpot, Inc., today publicly launches mSpot®, the music cloud service that offers users instant access to their music collections via smartphones and PCs/Macs. The service enables users to quickly upload their music to the mSpot Cloud and then immediately start listening from both desktop browsers and mobile phones for free. Initially launched in private beta last month at Google’s I/O conference, the new service provides the easiest way to get music on a smartphone. It is initially available to Android users in the Android Store; people using the service will be able to invite their friends to use the Web based versions with their PC and Macs.
“With a rapidly growing number of fixed and portable devices capable of playing music, our service makes ‘entertainment anywhere’ a reality without the hassle of manually syncing devices,” said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui. “We plan to be consumers’ first choice in this space by offering a service that is extremely portable, easy to use and reliable even when cell coverage is spotty.”
Online and mobile music services are expected to grow by 15% in 2010, and another 22% in 2011 according to a HYPERLINK “” recent report by AccuStream Research.
mSpot has spent the past four years developing a proprietary progressive playback technology that allows users to play songs from the cloud instantly while caching them in the background concurrently. This technology allows for very efficient use of network bandwidth and delivers the most reliable and responsive experience over 2.5G, 3G or WiFi. mSpot mobile application automatically senses network conditions and adapts playback accordingly even without network coverage.

mSpot’s cloud service automatically re-syncs music when new songs and albums are added — eliminating the need for USB cords and manual syncing. Additionally, users don’t need to keep their computers on when using their cell phones to access their library.

Key features include:
Mobile and PC/Mac Web-based versions of the service; enabling people to access all their music from both PC and mobile- wherever they happen to be
Smart syncing technology: no USB chords required; instantly syncs your music from the cloud to your mobile and computer; avoids playback interruptions

Automatic network detection: handles transitions between spotty and solid coverage areas and reduces data charges on your mobile plan

Airplane mode: playback cached clips from the phone without network connectivity

“Live Wallpaper”: moving images of the cover art in your library on your mobile

“Live Lyrics”: enables you to read the words to select favorite songs as they play on your mobile

Ringtone maker: enables you to make a ringtone out of any song

mSpot offers free storage for the first 2 gigabytes (approximately 1600 songs). Additional storage is available for purchase ranging from 10 gigabytes (8,000 songs) for $2.99, 20 gigabytes (16,000 songs) for $4.99, 50 gigabytes for 9.99, all the way up to 100 gigabytes for $13.99.
A leading innovator in cloud entertainment services, mSpot is the first company to stream full-length feature movies on both the iPhone and the iPad with the launch of its Mobile Movies service. The service is available via the mobile web on all four major U.S. carriers and across 50 different handset devices, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and many high-end feature phones. mSpot Movies is also available on the Web at
About mSpot
mSpot is a mobile and PC entertainment company that delivers music, movies, radio and TV to more than six million mobile customers across 10 wireless carriers. The popularity of mSpot products is due to its technology and strong partnerships with all four of the major music labels (Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal), as well as major studios (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios, Image Entertainment, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Screen Media Ventures and Warner Brothers) and broadcast companies (including ABC, CBS, ClearChannel, Fox Sports, NPR). mSpot is the first mobile entertainment company in North America to offer full-length feature films and full-format radio service to mobile devices. In the U.S., mSpot entertainment services are available across all major carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, mSpot is on the Web at

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  1. Maybe the world just flooded the site but I was apart of the beta and now I can’t Log into mSpot from any computer. Anyone else having issues

  2. 16gb card included w moto droid, tunewiki… no thanks

  3. the info for purchasing storage is wrong… those prices are for renting on a monthly basis not for purchasing storage…

  4. Interesting service, but i prefer Spotify.

  5. @Dmitry I can log in fine. So far I’ve found this service to work pretty well.

  6. What is this m Spot Cloud Music Service used for?what they Launched?want to know how they works here.

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