Winner #7 and #8: App Review Contest!

endofgameSincere apologies for those who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement. As you know we had a few hiccups from which we’re still recovering. While the Phone-A-Day Contest is over for now, we’re continuing to launch new features (such as the reviews page) and as more features roll out… more contests will roll out.

Not only do we have a bunch of new features to roll out, but you’ll see us start to gradually integrate them to create a MUCH more enjoyable and useful experience. Stay tuned!

Now for what you’ve been waiting: THE WINNERS!

Winner #7 (June 14th)
Space Physics Review by Pauldip

Winner #8 (June 15th)
Zenonia Review by Nearly

June 14th honorable mentions:

June 15th honorable mentions:

Winners please PM me at “Rob” on with your name, address, phone number and which phone you would like!

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  • QuantumRand

    Disappointed that I didn’t win, but glad to see the extra work I did building the AppRating image generator went to good use. Feel free to give me some feedback Pauldip.

    If anyone else would like to use the image generator, feel free to check it out at

    And of course congrats to all the other winners.

  • xarophti

    That’s what I get for screwing around trying to add a video for too long. One day too late to the party…

  • Osbor

    god damnit :(
    i got on the honorable mentions for 5 days in a row, and in the finalists list for 14th
    what did i do wrong?
    where can i improve?
    i might never be able to get a smartphone with the job market as it is at this rate

  • Jessica

    Great ill try again those contest thanks for the information.

  • porky101

    Hey, Osbor, apparently you need to be in an inner circle or something. Since the rules clearly stated that anyone that made a review had a chance of winning… clearly that is not the case. Since only people that seem to invest a lot of effort seem to even have a chance at this “Reward, not a contest” system. I’m all for rewarding good contributions to the community, but don’t call it a contest unless everyone has a fair shake.

  • coasterman927

    congratulations to the winners, and a good job to all those who made it to the honorable mentions! :)

  • Talton “Phases” Pettigrew

    porky: I love reading comments like yours. We just can’t give stuff away free without people still complaining. I think we know ONE of the winners – where’s the inner circle there? This was a contest for the best review – so yes it went to people that put in the effort to make theirs the best. (Wow was it hard to do, too!) This was not a random drawing of all reviews submitted.

    Congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all for helping make this contest a success! We have more coming, so keep an eye out! :) (Yes, contests. Not raffles.)

  • lancaster09

    Ouch I jsut came up with a good review for Calorie Counter by FatSecret. Oh well I’ll submit it in the next few days. Tell me what y’all think.

  • Nearly

    Inner circle, I’m not in this ‘inner circle’ but worked by ass off in that review. I don’t see why you presume that. If you don’t win, add more willpower, go more in-depth, use more play on word phrases… up your game. It was my first review but, the entire review took well over 8 hours of pure game play for around 5, and the other three writing everything out for the review itself. Please tell me how long you spent on your review, and see how it doesn’t add up? Determination is what you need more of, and if you truly want to win, than you’re going to have to pull much more weight into this competition than the rest and make yours stand out.

  • Joe V

    The ZENONIA link is broken…

  • MuzikJay

    @porky – Come on dude. They didn’t steal anything from you. No one is in the wrong for winning and Phandroid’s not in the wrong for choosing a winner besides you. I submitted like 5 or 6 reviews before I won and the winning one took me like 4 hours (so did most of the others) to finish and about 3 of those hours were spent writing and arranging. When I didn’t win, i just studied the winners and looked for commonalities. Looked to see where and how i could improve.

    When it comes down to it, go and see if you can find another place GIVING away YOUR CHOICE of android phone for FREE. No I’m sorry, giving away 8 phones for free. Seriously, I know it’s a bummer not winning and it really is but there’s no need to get mad at Phandroid for having an opinion that differs from yours or downplay the amount of work we put into our reviews.

    Anyways, thanks Phandroid. I’ve had an incredibly rough year and this really meant a lot to me personally. So thanks again and congratulations to #7 and 8. That’s awesome. Great reviews

  • Osbor

    rob, you picked reviews that had videos again.
    i’m not sure if it was intentional; just saying that while those reviews were great, the people who get those new phones are probably just going to ebay them…

  • Nearly

    Osbor, you think my video alone won the contest? HAH try spending 6 hours playing the game and than 2 hours writing the article itself. Stop being a looser and step up your game, I’m not going to sell mine because I am an international winner, I’m actually going to give myself a break from my exams and have a good time out. I hardly doubt my video alone wouldn’t won the contest, the video itself wasn’t that great, and if you check my review, it’s almost 2 to 3 times more bigger than other articles because purely it’s a RPG game and story involved, so I can’t cut around loose gameplay because that wouldn’t of made it a good review. Please just stop complaining and try harder.

  • Nearly

    And for those who wanted my secret, I didn’t try to cut corners by picking a simple application. The contest was purely to advertise it’s new system, but for me I wanted to give Zenonia a bigger population by writing an in-depth review. I didn’t just pick something that I could take minutes to write about but something that rather explores more about the application itself. For example, you chose a notepad application, the concept is simple, so your review wouldn’t be that good in terns of content. Now if you picked something more advanced like a word processor, you can talk about how the settings work, fonts, colours, capitalization, paragraph functions, images or audio implementation, withall these features to talk about, it’ll give your review more content. (It’s easier with a game) I also try to throw personal experience and personality into my texts so that it makes the text commune with the reader.

  • O

    Man I aint seent that screen in a looooong time!!! Congrats to all the winners and maybe next time i will win.

  • Osbor

    well i’d love to spend a very long time on an app and give a very detailed review
    but i don’t actually have an android phone, and my reviews were entirely from memory from the a sprint 30 day trail
    due to the job market, i cannot afford a smartphone, or the ability to buy a plan on it.
    so this contest, among others, is quite possibly my only avenue for taking part in android for the next 12 months, possibly more. i don’t know.
    but hey, enjoy your phone i guess…

  • Talton "Phases" Pettigrew

    Osbor: I’m telling you, videos didn’t have anything to do with it. In fact, when we picked 7 and 8, I personally didn’t even watch the videos.

    They were good reviews. It was a contest for the best review. Also, we do not care what the winners do with their phones. It is their choice. Please get over it.