Xperia X10, HTC Aria Receive Root

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 has been late to join the root party, but it’s never too late to unlock the ever-growing potential of your device purely through software. For those that feel the same way that I do, then you can go ahead and root your devices now. With Froyo looming and Sony Ericsson quite late on the 2.1 upgrade (we aren’t expecting to see that until later in the year), you’ll probably want to pray that this root will bring along some early Froyo action at the expense of the TimeScape interface on the X10.


And for those who aren’t feeling too comfortable with HTC’s locked down Aria, then you can drown those worries with a root method of your own. No immediate benefits to come out of this just yet, but I’m sure the power of XDA can bring you great joy in a short amount of time.

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  • Ace Curry

    Galaxy S as well

  • Ace Curry
  • CompactDistance

    X10 is rooted, but no root method for users has been released yet.


    X10 better fucking come to AT&T cause that be the only phone I’ll be getting if the Desire not coming to AT&T.

  • Roentijen

    Does this mean we’ll see the MediaScape.apk avaiable for other rooted phones (*cough*Droid*cough*) in the near future?

    …I’ve been looking for the end-all media app for android and mediascape looks to be a contender for that title.

  • Cresta

    can you help me? how can i bring back the tiles update in the homescreen of x10?? i mean the updated timescape? please help me. thanks i want to bring it back please? the thing that is appearing when there a message or when you took a picture.

  • k

    @Roentijen – Mediascape is bloated, clumsy, difficult to navigate, and slow. Most of us are looking to get rid of it.