CyanogenMod Targeting Eight Devices for Android 2.2

Now that Google has open-sourced the code for Froyo (Android 2.2) you better believe the folks at CyanogenMod aren’t just going to sit on their hands and wait for the manufacturer’s to port the OS to their phones. Not in the least, as the team is already plugging away at the next version of their software for rooted Android handsets.


CyanogenMod 6 will be built up from the Android 2.2 source code and initial plans are to target eight devices according to founder Steve Kondik. Their sites seem firmly set on mostly HTC handsets for the time being, though the Motorola Droid makes the list as well. The full group:

  • Nexus One
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC G1 (Dream)
  • HTC myTouch 3G (Magic)
  • HTC myTouch 3G Slide
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • HTC Hero (CDMA version)
  • Motorola Droid

Will they manage to beat Motorola and Verizon’s promise of a late summer launch for Froyo on their devices? If their previous work is any indication that is almost a definite, and even though most of the phones on the list have planned 2.2 updates in the works, this may be the only hope for owners of the G1. For those about to root, we salute you!

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  • swehes

    If they get SGS in there I will pick up the phone. :) First thing I will do to the phone is to root it and then add the CyanogenMod for it if they make it. :)

  • Dave

    Even if they don’t people won’t want to lose root by using the official ROM. Plus there are other ROM makers out there.

  • ajawad

    The list includes the HTC Hero (CDMA version) so one can wonder if that means the Droid Eris will be eligible for this as well…

  • servo

    on 5.08 for my G1, can’t wait for 6!

  • Chis

    Most other “rom makers” use CM’s work to build their roms.

  • morgan

    No Droid Incredible? It’s basically the same phone as the N1.

  • Fish

    Woohoo! 2.2 on the G1! With a little luck, that extra JIT boost of speed should give my phone just enough usability to last until my upgrade eligibility rolls around this fall.

  • KC

    I Highly believe in Cyanogen aka steve. He’s never disappointed so far. Im sure he’s gonna hit this one out the ballpark. Thanks to him us G1 users are still in the game.

  • CJ

    If you’re still using a G1 you really need to man up and buy a new phone already. All the custom roms in the world can’t save that dog!

  • Steve

    @morgan I doubt they sold enough of those to people who would use this to bother with.

  • anonymous

    Hero but no Droid Incredible?

  • Steve

    @CJ if it works why replace it? PS: I typed this on an ibm model M keyboard made in 1990.

  • Kevin

    I was in the process of rooting when I saw this story.

  • Drizzle

    Hoping still for the Droid Incredible to get some cyanogen love. Waiting for unrevoked to give us the custom recovery so we can start flashing roms.

  • ilhe1s

    Why no HTC Incredible Love?

  • Jeff

    Koush would be porting if not co-writing the 2.2 rom for the droid. Can’t wait

  • sil3ncer7

    People, Cyan and the crew can only port to phones that he/the team have. If you all wanna donate your phones to him so he can port then I am sure he wont mind, but at $500/phone He ports to what he can get ahold of. So donate some money to him so he can port to these devices.

    As far as the G1 I am still faithful and count on Steve to keep me going as long as he can. He hasnt let us down yet and he does what everyone says cant be done. No 2.1 on the G1…. 5.0.8 say what?

  • Gerg

    I imagine since there is no custom recovery for Incredible, promising a ROM(which takes time and effort) is a little silly…

  • obsidian

    good ole(but not that old) cyanogen kept my G1 running great until the backlight crapped out, so I was forced to purchase a mytouch slide…2.2 is great news….get rid of all the sense junk…….an yes, I will buy you a pony, a beer (domestic or import) and a pepsi (also domestic or import)

  • dook

    Seems like a good mix of phones. I think they’re targeting those specific phones because all other android phones are some sort of iteration of the listed ones (ie N1 cyanogen can be ported to incredible, desire, MyTouch 3g slide can be ported to HTC Aria)

  • UHF3

    HTC Incredible the red headed step child of the Android world. f me.

  • jj

    just sold my incredible yesterday. great phone but not a lot of support was really disappointing cant wait for my x on the 15th,im positive that will have a HUGE following!!

  • UceJuice

    @CJ First of all you can kiss our G1 Asses!! Just. Because Cyanogen didn’t make A rom for your Pc of shit phone doesn’t mean we hav to upgrade! Anyway! Thanks Cyanogen for Keeping The “Dream” Alive!!

  • Mike

    I love cyanogens work. Kept my G1 alive when t mobile and google wanted it dead. You better believe I’ll take cyanogens 2.2 over googles 2.2 on my slide

  • jbcliq

    What would it take to get the Cliq on that list :(

  • z

    No incredible love?

  • OwenNBA

    He definitely says nothing about the Hero in his tweet…

  • Beige

    Actually, the “Desire” is listed, which is the technical codename for “Eris.” The 2.1 update for the Eris had “Desire” written all over it, so Eris compatibility is bound to happen.

  • Noel

    Moment ?

  • pieter

    oh yeaaaa! haha i can’t believe my g1 is still up and running. and with each mod build it gets faster. CM6 is going to blaze

  • Danesh

    Can’t wait for this to come out!! Already loving 5, 6 is going to be awesome!!

  • JrzDroid

    I really hope that CDMA Hero includes the Eris. I wanna rock out 2.2!!!

  • Jason

    I’m so excited for cm on the slide. I don’t really like espresso.

  • nosegment

    love U cyanogens

  • tindola

    @ilhe1s CyanogenMod even posted a tweet this morning about that, they can only write roms for devices that they have. if you know someone that can send them an incredible, they would be all over that. or just send them $600 and they can go buy one.

  • Alejandro

    I agree!! add the SGS to that list! It’s been rooted! if they do, that’ll be “magical” as Steve Jobs would say… lol

  • Alejandro

    As a matter of fact… Add the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to that list!! I couldn’t begin to imagine Steve Job’s reaction if someone managed to get Froyo running well on they new iPhone… haha

  • Mr.G1

    Woohoo my G1 is still Living!!! Hope T-mo comes out with a super phone on October b/c it will offically be 2 years that Android was born. They grow up so fast :'( lol….

  • JR

    The incredible hasn’t been rooted that’s why they don’t have a Rom but once it is (hopefully soon) they’ll make one

  • oohyeah

    Please do it for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10! Pretty please!!

  • Simon

    Woohoo finally! Cyanogen is the only rom I will never install on my phone!

  • josh

    No mention of moto clig…sadly I own this pos and I’m stuck at 1.5…ahh I miss my g1

  • Saha

    Need SGS on the list.

  • John Ragazzo

    The incredible is the fastest 3g Android so far why is it always overlooked? Setcpu,mods, etc…

  • Eddie

    yea, what’s with the HTC Incredible omission? props to the G1 for startin’ it all but peeps with them need to buy new phones.

  • Last European Cavemen

    WooHoo Hero in the House!

  • Alazka

    newsflash the unrevoked team has done it again , they have completed their recovery reflash tool for the incredible and some enterprising modders over at xda are already flashing roms and one has built a kernel
    for overclocking and they have it running at 1267 mhz .
    wich means its only a matter of time before those gods of code over at xda have some frozen delicious goodness available to us neglected incredible owners in the form of froyo roms. it’s a celebration beeyatches rejoice!!!

  • raven2260

    No incredible man I am starting to regret getting it. Might sell it and preorder the Droid x

  • SoccerCore11

    No Incredible love?

  • Lee

    So if the source is released dose that mean we might see live wallpaper on the htc hero?

  • Alex


    Because T-Mo has yet to release an Android phone worth upgrading to. I’ve been keeping my G1 alive because the MT3g/Slide all seem like teeny bopper favorites, not anything useful. The specs are abysmal.

  • Joe

    Thanks to CyanogenMod 5.0.8 I’m able to have 2.1 on my G1. TMOBILE left us in the dust. They should have allowed us to upgrade our devices, they have already been subsidized them so why force us to pay full contract price for upgrading phones?

    I can’t even get a nexus one because I’d have to pay the $500. It’s ridiculous!

    I’m glad CyanogenMod is keeping us G1 owners in mind. More power to them! Carriers can go screw themselves lol.

  • ilaofficial


  • J

    Thanks again Cyanogen! You make the statement “Anything is possible” very comforting!

  • Angel

    Even cyanogen can’t make G1 run 2.2…that thing is ancient, the hardware will never support it!!!

  • xarophti

    Hope for my sister’s G1 (if she’s interested; she’s not as rabid as I am) and I’ll seriously keep this in mind for my G3. I’m not thrilled with the prospect of Espresso.

  • travel_rob

    LG Ally?

  • seq

    what means all that? can I install the android 2.2 on the desire that i receved yesterday?

  • rickybobby

    Ok all you people saying ‘no incredible love?’, you gotta underunderstand that the droid incredible was only JUST rooted this month, later than the first leaks of froyo. People only started really using the root after cm6 was already being worked on. And as sed before, the cm team does not have an incredible to work with. Give the cm team an incredible and some time and you will get plenty of roms.

  • vbplayr

    I don’t know that it will ever make the list….and I know the list keeps growing, but LG Ally support would be nice.

    Thanks for providing the root, btw.

    Is there any resource out there for us quasi-developers to find out the OS upgrade process for Android and configuring our own ROM?

  • lgallyuser

    Yes, lg ally cyanogenmod would be so awesome.. I haven’t rooted my ally because cmod isn’t available for ally…. and it seems like lg isn’t going to roll out android 2.2 with ally.

  • ubudroid

    Koush is currently working on a port for the Incredible. It’s currently at a Release Candidate status.

  • @jaboswell

    My Incredible has been rooted for weeks and have been running Froyo for three weeks w an overlooked BFS kernel…don’t know why some are saying the dInc isn’t rooted and has no custom recovery