Control Your Android With Your Android [Video]


Monday morning seems to never disappoint in bringing us a feel-good Android-related story. For those that are into the Android dolls and collectibles craze, then you might be extremely tempted by what’s being called the Android-Robo.

Engineers Reo Matsumura and Hideyuki Takei are the two masterminds behind the hardware and software, respectively. The software (an Android app) is used to send commands to the hardware (said Android robot) and then the simple (yet awesome) combination will proceed to blow your mind.

It’s not the most technologically impressive thing we’ve ever seen come out of the Android camp, but it’s Android, so that’s good enough for us.

[Ka-ra-ku-ri via Gizmodo]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I want mine!!

  2. Haha, I want one of these, I would put this in my living room. :D

  3. cool~~

  4. Would be nice of it had speakers and would play music from your phone or something.
    Perhaps do some dance moves.

  5. So I’m guessing this app isn’t going to be allowed on the iPhone anytime soon?

  6. Me want :) would be amazing if you could set it up to alert for notification

  7. I can see this drivng some pets crazy as you control it remotely. lol

  8. LOL I want one of these!

  9. Where can i get one of those!!!

  10. Bluetooth module could be set up to wake up on new notication.

    On a personal level paint it black and make the eyes glow red maybe give it just one eye, like the droid commmercial, would be pimp. Oh and one day I expect it to say “I’m sorry dave”

  11. you think that’s geeky cool? how about this

  12. I want one, too! :-)

  13. Where and you buy these that is so AWESOME!!!!!

  14. Make it wireless and give it wheels and you’ve just sold thousands….well hundreds anyway.

  15. Man, if someone finds a place to buy one of this, that’d be awesome. I’d get one for my office.

  16. @Mojo Yugen
    No, because Steve Jobs says it’s bad to have an Android controlled Android, so apple owners can’t have this.

  17. You’ll never see anything this cool for an iphone. There are, of course, a multitude of reasons. One of which is that apple and iphone don’t have a cool “mascot”. Really, who the heck wants an 33 year old apple that someone has taken a bite out of!?!!?!! Not to mention, apples don’t do anything to begin with. Except fall from trees and rot on the ground.

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