FrostWire For Android Coming, Needs Alpha Testers For Now


FrostWire’s bringing their peer-to-peer app to the Android market, but they need some help on getting this thing tuned. Those of you who’ve ever needed to download some “hard-to-find” files at some point or another knows the FrostWire name, but this isn’t of the same cloth.

This app will allow you and your friends to send files to each other while you’re connected to the same WiFi network. They call it Short Range P2P – a long shot from what many would probably want FrostWire on a mobile device to be – but it does seem rather useful for secure file transfers across multiple devices.

There are some requirements you’ll need to meet in order to properly alpha test the app, however, and they’re as follows:

  • Have one or more Android Devices (+1.6)
  • See other people with Android Devices (+1.6) on a daily basis
  • Can express yourself clearly
  • Experience with Alpha Testing and Bug Reporting is a plus
  • Understand Filesharing and Love Technology
  • Love FrostWire
  • If you want to take a crack at testing this out, go ahead and sign up at FrostWire’s site now.

    [via DroidLife]

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    1. Signed up for it. I hope to beable to test it :)

    2. YAy, now we can download viruses directly to our phones. Godd thing it’s Android and not WinMo….Becareful what you download…………..

    3. Considering how buggy Frostwire is on my linux desktop I won’t let it anywhere near my android phone!

    4. nvm, it’s not a full fledged frostwire client. =P

    5. Wow, really? Even if this were of any interest to me, I would not participate with a company that would make a video for their product with vulgar language. How unprofessional!

    6. ^^^^^^^ Dude get the stick out of your ass.. Come on.

    7. 1. Dropbox.
      2. Share link.
      3. Done.

    8. I’ve been testing & it beats the hell outta blue tooth transfers. Coming in pretty handy…


      here is their link, you can signup, if you feel the need to, but the email says to share it with everyone i want.

    10. Uh there is already an awesome Android BitTorrent client called aBTC

    11. @dman977: What company? It’s all a community effort.

    12. @Alex:

      If there’s no internet available, good luck with that.

      Also, if your file is large, be my guest at eating all your battery uploading slowly via 3G.

      With FrostWire you can do over 1Mb per second.

    13. Thanks for the link above :-P

      App looks like a good start but no control over which folders it uses just simple Music/Pics/Ringtones etc tick boxes.

      Need custom options for sure.

      It doesn’t seem to have found an APKs even though I know there are plenty on there in the downloads folder.

      Not sure what relevance the connection bars are at the bottom left? Shows one bar but WIFI is connected with full signal.

      “Touch the above icons to browse files”

      Icons are below ;-)

      Looking forward to further development.

    14. Hey can u re-up the metawire.apk it 404ed . . . I signed up 4 it thinking they would email me a link 2 download it . . . But I was soooo wrong but this is kool along with the many other ways 2 share files such as hoccer, bump, dropbox ,ignition, idov & sum other 1 I 4got

    15. @13. It will only share .apk you actually have installed to reduce the number of malicious .apks in the network.

      the bars have to do with how many people you’re connected. The more people you have contacted the better your searches and your chances of downloading at higher speeds.

      Since July 3rd, it’s gone a long way, check this folder for the latest version (still alpha, getting very close to beta)

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