Droid 2 and Droid X Ads Get Teased, Droid 2 Gets Clocked to 1Ghz, X Flies On Plane


Seems like the new pair of Droid phones are really getting a move on lately. Droid-Life grabbed hold of the commercial scripts that Verizon’s cooking up for the Motorola Droid 2 and Motorola Droid X. Looking at the script, Verizon’s looking to take their hugely successful marketing campaign yet another step forward.


Similar to HTC’s “and you, and you, and you” line in their new ad campaign, Verizon’s Droid 2 “does, and does, and does”. It just keeps on doing stuff, and it will continue to do more stuff for as long as you can imagine.

Does’ used to do a lot. Now it does even more. Now it does Email Exchange, so you can be hooked up to everything thing you need to do. Now it does 1.0GHz speed on a sleeker, more intuitive keyboard.  It does and does and does. And the only thing it doesn’t do is ask for time off.

Wait, what? Droid 2 “does” 1GHz! While we knew the phone’s had a chip capable of reaching 1GHz, it’s been rumored that it would be underclocked to 750MHz. Great news for people who saw the “incremental” bump as a deal-breaker.


Two more ads are being detailed, as well, and they’re both for the Droid X. They both focus on the “App” experience, with the first one showing off Verizon’s exclusive NFL Mobile. The visuals describe something that sounds very iRobot-esque, which would go well with the whole “iDon’t” campaign that Verizon could be striking back up to take on Apple and AT&T’s latest.

Droid does Gattaca style commercials. I wonder what it will do tomorrow as it seems information leaks out faster than you can get your hands on an HTC Droid Incredible (see what I did there?).

[via Droid-Life]

Oh, and here’s the Droid X flying first class. Image courtesy of Android Central.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Excellent! That was the deal breaker for me, was the 750mhz CPU (although I know its faster than the Snapdragon). Great news :-)

  2. So if people were saying that the chip the chip would match a snapdragon even if it was underclocked, is this going to be significantly faster than a snapdragon?

    Sign me up!

  3. The Droid X looks HUGE! That’s a turn-off… My Droid fits nicely in my pocket now… anything bigger is just getting out of hand. I can’t even imagine how heavy it is. It’s even bigger than the EVO and that beast weighs as much as a newborn baby.

  4. That thing is so huge. Its more of a Dell Streak competitor.

  5. If it looks huge and you don’t want it then use your droid. I mean it is only a few months old. I love it.

  6. Pretty sure the Droid X and Droid 2 have the same processor so both will be 1Ghz OMAP 3630’s. I can’t wait to get the Droid X I really hope preorders start soon…

  7. I sure hope Motorola & Verizon learned from HTC Incredible launch that inventory needs to be much larger. Because these two Droids are going to be hot sellers.

  8. Glad to see you guys are speeding up on the DROID news!

  9. as far as the Droid X is concerned I’ve been sold but my only concern is this ninja blur. I cant find any real info on exactly what it does besides running in the background.Can it still be turned off period?

  10. The 3630 is the 750mhz version. The 1ghz version is the 3640

  11. When I saw quoted 720dpi pixel density in the second ad I was confused because that would mean insane 2562 x 1440 resolution, but the ad is misleading because they are counting the subpixels. Real density is therefore 240ppi

  12. oh boy do i have a hard on! They are both nice phones. I love big screens. I dont care how big it is, im sure its still pocketable.

  13. Will these devices be LTE compatible? That’s going to be a factor in purchasing decisions on Verizon in the near future.

  14. Anyone else notice the “720 DPI Screen”? I think they are confusing the 720p video recording with the screen resolution (which isn’t anywhere near 720 DPI). I think it’s around 400DPI~ (not sure).

  15. I absolutely love the Droid X. It looks bigger than EVO because of the width, the EVO and even the HD2 are both exactly the same. The Droid has always been more slenderish. So that is why it looks so much bigger. I will be first in-line for this beastly Android offering!

  16. @Patrick
    The 3630 and 3640 can be clocked to the same speeds.

  17. If I had to guess, they’re most likely exactly the same except for how they’re clocked.

  18. The Droid X is only slightly larger than the HTC Evo and/or the Iphone. While the screen may be larger than the Iphone, the overall size of the phones are within a centimeter. The Droid X will fit in your pocket. Furthermore, tight pants/jeans can cause any phone to not fit in your pocket (results may vary).

  19. ahh that red button is so eye-catching! i love it

  20. From the looks of that last picture of the droid X, its seems that they got rid of that ridiculous bump where the camera was and made the phone flush. Now at least for me, the only downside to this phone is the rumored Moto/Ninja Blur. But I can live with that until a custom rom is ported to it.

  21. Will these be running 2.2 or 2.1 as I had last heard? This may be my first Android coming from Blackberry and I don’t know much about updates, except that Verizon typically likes to take their sweet time with official updates.

    With motoblur would it be impossible to do the equivalent of “unofficial” updates?

  22. Smartphones have been using 500+ghz processors for at least 5 years. I am sure they can do better we as a whole need to say we don’t want these 1ghz we want more they have them now put them in.

  23. @David
    I believe you meant 500+ mhz.

    And yes the smartphone makers can do better but this is how technology has always worked. They aren’t just going to jump from 600mhz to 2ghz because they can make a lot more money by increasing processor capability in smaller increments and releasing a phone every 6-or-so months.

    I’m sure there are other reasons besides just profit but profit definitely has a lot to do with it.

  24. It’s getting old reading people complain about the size. Not because they don’t have every right to judge a phone on it’s size, but because they aren’t making good comparisons. The Evo is ~0.05 in^2 smaller than the droid in surface area, and using the 0.39″ thickness dimension is less volume. So, it takes up less space in your pocket than an Evo. Got it?! Can someone such as Phandroid make these comparisons and post the results, instead of posting stories about how friggin’ big it is, even compared to the Evo?

  25. @gamby

    From that photo, I think I still see a buldge. I think from that angle it is more difficult to see, and they may have reduced it’s size. I would prefer they got rid of it completely, but it looks like it is still there. Also, there are so many versions out there who knows if that is the newest, let alone the production version.

  26. Both are gorgeous phones but I would LOVE it if they somehow squeezed an HDMI port into the Droid 2 at the last minute. That would be the ultimate phone for sure. Not trying to complain I would still consider both but still hopeful. Motorola is finally getting their act together again yaaay. I bought some stock last week ;)

  27. Yeah, the phone is definitely at an angle in that picture, meaning there’s stil some budge.

  28. @David Clockspeed isn’t everything and theres a point where the clockspeed is uselessly high. (remember the pentium 4?) Especially in mobile devices, clockspeed helps but isn’t everything.


  30. iphone killer

  31. They’re not going to put an HDMI port on the droid 2 because it’s not supposed to be a multimedia phone. The main droid series is Verizon’s android for everybody phone since it has the keyboard. The droid X is the only one that would (don’t know if it’s supposed to or not) since it has the two cameras and the huge screen.

  32. @john

    You might be right. Hard to tell from the picture. If the bump is still there though and this is in fact the latest hardware, the bump is much less pronounced then all of the other photo’s lead you to believe.

  33. thanx moto for 1. milestone xt720 omap 3630 720 mhz 8 mp xenon flash. 2. droid 2 and droid x omap 3630 1 ghz. so milestone xt720 stand against droid incredible. droid x stand against evo 4g and iphone 4. droid 2 to take control of android world until moto release the 2 ghz probably a dual core. well done moto

  34. I wish the droid x had a front facing camera for fring

  35. Hell yeah Droid x all the way over and around the iPhone or any phone….right now

  36. iPhone isn’t even in this race. Root and custom roms on these babies!!!

  37. Played around with an overclocked and totally custom original Droid today. Wow!!! Wish I did sooner so that I could get it with no issue. Now I feel like I must wait for these. I’ll be in heaven with any of these babies.

    Screw HTC, Samsung, and LG… Moto FTW!!!

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