Woot for Root! Droid Incredible Finally Breaks Its Chains

After a very long wait, it’s being reported that root access has finally been achieved on the tough-as-nails HTC Droid Incredible. The team behind Unrevoked – the same team that came out with one of the root methods for the HTC EVO 4G – are the benefactors in this milestone, however the process for rooting the Incredible isn’t as simple as it is on their other supported devices.


Taking a look at the instructions, it does appear to be quite a risky process (compared to other methods, anyway), but taking your time and ensuring you follow each step very carefully could take you a long way. The team is working on getting an easier process out in the near future, but if you have the guts to get your hands dirty, make your way to Unrevoked now for the full instructions. You might also want to sign up for an XDA account if you haven’t already and report any issues you come across at this thread.

[Update]: And if you fancy mingling with the crowd at our sister site AndroidForums.com, then a root section for the Droid Incredible has been opened over there for you to do just that. Thanks, Anonimac!

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  • Aeires

    The way phones have progressed, is it worth the risk of screwing up a completely awesome phone?

  • Anonimac
  • Matt

    I personally wouldn’t risk my phone with this method but once its easier root is definitely worth it.


    Totally Worth it!!!!!

    WOOT we have ROOT!

  • steve

    Why is it worth it ? What do you gain by doing this ?

  • DJ Lance Rock

    YES! I’m with steve. Someone, please explain to me what the benefits are of rooting? I LOVE using my phone and am always looking to do more with it. What’s waiting for me in the world of rooting?

  • Darkseider

    Seriously? You asked is it really worth it? Having a rooted Moto Droid since the first few minutes of ownership I can say absolutely! I am running Froyo (FRF57) Bugless Beast by Pete, overclocked to 800 Mhz and everything is stable, smooth and FAST. Not to mention at 800 Mhz I am getting better scores on any benchmark with my Droid running Froyo than a Nexus running Froyo. Root is where the heart is man. Now go do it!

  • swazedahustla

    Bout time, but geeeeez, that root process is something. Good luck incredible owners. I didn’t use their method on my evo because it doesn’t survive a reboot, or allow custom recovery, but hopefully this one is a little bit more permanent.

  • jez perrott

    Darkseider, apart from the speed, what are the benefits? I’m new to this, so would like to know.

  • http://www.twitter.com/the_real_newman @the_real_newman

    What’s so risky with this way of achieving root? Its no different from any other phone that has been rooted besides the Nexus. Ig anything the G1 was 100 times more risky then this.

    This is all done in ADB shell, easy as pie.

  • Darkseider

    @jez Aside from the speed? I am running Android 2.2 on my Moto Droid, read as “Custom ROMs”. You get access to new versions of the OS far quicker than an official release as well as new and or added features to the existing OS.

  • jarCrack

    he Darkseider, can you give me a link for an instruction how to get froyo on the milestone? thanks very much

  • Ramifications

    Hooray! Can’t wait for the reliable and easy method that will surely follow

  • Lauren Locke

    trouble is, even if you root–you still can’t overclock the Incredible b/c of HTC-specific programming

  • Linuxguru

    Me personally hell with Overclocking the Incredible I want the JIT compiler I think that will have a better benefit then overclocking the CPU.Its worst enough the Incredible battery life is not the best. But hey would love to have both but I rather give the JIT a whirl to see if I can save my battery.

  • Drizzle

    I have rooted G1, mytouch, Droid and now the Incredible. This root was much easier than Droid or the G1. Mytouch, I cheated and didn’t gold card. Anyways, nothing too risky about this…wondering why people would speak on things they dont really know about. Again very easy to do, recommend a class 2 sd card in your phone when you do this. With my class 6 wasnt able to get adb shell to work.

  • McShady

    There are 3 main reasons to root your phone:

    1) overclock
    2) custom roms
    3) wifi tether

  • Rae

    Hey, does this mean we could get actual bluetooth support as opposed to the 1.6 stack they used in the Inc? That’s what’s made me disappointed in my Inc. I have a BT keyboard that’s supposed to work with android 2.0 and up but it won’t with the Inc. After some digging, I found that there we issues with BT and sense so instead of the newer 2.0 BT stack they went back to 1.6. If this fixed it, I’d be sorely tempted to go for it. I even saw a video on a site showing how to revert to original if you want when factory updates come out or if you sell it or whatever.

  • Ray Dull

    Yes,if you install a custom rom,there is a very good chance that the 2.0 bt stack will be included.

  • Blacksmith

    I got my Incredible two days ago, and I’m still a long ways from finding out what it can do. One of my major gripes is all the apps pre-installed for which I have no use. With a Windows system I can just wipe it and install a clean copy. However, since I have zero knowledge of the Android OS, trying that approach would be idiotic. Are there any start-from-zero manuals or texts that could help me get a handle on this? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Blazer

    I rooted an incredible last night. At first it kept failing and I finally figured out it was because /system was not mounted. Once I looked at the /etc/fstab and then did a “mount /system” then everything else worked.

  • eric

    Ok seriously this is the closest thread I have found in two late nights of searching on “howto” rather than “can’t” as far as BLUETOOTH is concerned for my dinc. with my small understanding of the benefits of open source I know this god forsaken thing has the capability to run keyboards, controllers and meese, its a matter of manipulation just like life. this thread is old but someone please help. This phone is I hate to say it getting old too but its new to me. snesoid is great but useless to me without controller. what is the easiest way to get around this. I’m open to any method at this point.
    I can see my wiiremote in my bluetooth devices but can’t pair, no pin. will any device work? keyboard ? usb?
    it seems this discussion dropped off a few months ago all over the web and never got resolved so please help all of us late comers.