Fennec Development Moves Along, Gets Multitouch


Fennec probably isn’t due out for Android for a long while, but that doesn’t mean the folks at Mozilla are just sitting on their hands doing nothing. They’ve released the latest nightly build of Firefox’s mobile offspring yesterday, but their biggest change has to be that multitouch is now functional.


The developer who updated us – Matt Brubeck – cautions that nightly builds from here on out will most likely be broken until they start building a trunk specifically for Android. More details can be had by venturing over to the Google Groups page for Fennec’s pre-alpha state.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Is there actually any benefit to what they have so far over stock or some of the other browsers out there now?

  2. What Fennec needs is AdblockPlus. What every iteration of Firefox needs is AdblockPlus.

    Safari has just incorporated adblocking software with their latest iteration (their reader feature). Firefox should just buy out AdblockPlus.

    The Firefox marketplace makes no money for developers anyway. AdblockPlus is a game changer, no one ever goes back. Adverts do not get to touch your data limit.

  3. @kwyjibo I think you are completly wrong, i think this kind of addons/software shouldn’t be included in browsers… why?

    Simple, lots of webs just survive because of ads, what happens if you block them? tadaaa!

    :) (There is lots of people that doesn’t know this, in order one few of us can use “safely” :) )

  4. kwyjibo:

    If you’re rooted, give AdFree a try, it blocks adds on websites and apps. Been using it forever. It works wonderfully.

  5. Few years ago i was all for firefox on mobile devices.. but it is REALLY SLOW and bad compiled for linux. I don’t like it anymore, it is SLOW and BLOATED. Not even considering putting it on my phone.

  6. I no longer see the benefit of Fennec over stock browser, used to look forward to flash on my phone, but now stock covers that so…

  7. Here’s Adblock Plus for Fennec, but it hasn’t been updated yet for the current pre-alpha releases:

    There are lots of other add-ons for Fennec at

  8. I’d keep Fennec installed if it let me install to SD on froyo. Otherwise, its too big to keep around on internal mem.

  9. I actually like ads, but only ads that appeal to me (for example, I’m not a football fan but I watch the superbowl for the commercials!).
    Most of these ads are for things I’m not interested in and they just waste space.

  10. Woots, firefox for android coming soon. What we need next is vlc for android.

  11. henry, the latest build linked above can install to SD card on Froyo. (It will still use up some internal storage, though – only the APK file gets moved to SD.)

  12. As far as I’m concerned, Firefox is just an addon for AdBlockPlus.

  13. What we really need is NTLM capability WITH the capability to use a virtual keyboard. Even if it only pops up the built in internal one. The problem with the EVO is the is no keyboard so at this time it is useless with out virtual keyboard funtionality

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