HTC EVO 4G Now Shipping from Our Android Phone Store


Love the HTC EVO 4G but hate lines and dealing with salespeople? Why not head over to our Android Phone Store and grab one before the pandemonium strikes. Then just sit back and relax as the mobs descend upon Sprint retailers to pick up “America’s first 4G phone.” I guess you could also try your luck at taking home one as a prize in our giveaway contest, but who wants to wait that long?

So hurry up and grab this bad boy now. If you’re still on the fence, why not take a gander at our extensive review to help make up your mind.

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  • James D

    I wish I wasn’t a broke college student. I never get the cool stuff first =(

  • Shaun. E

    Ive been waiting for this phone since i found out the HTC made this phone. I just got the iphone and im really dissapointed!!! Love the HTC HD2 but defo want the HTC EVO 4G. I personally think that the HTC EVO 4G will be better then the new IPHONE 4G.

  • olypdd

    No thanks. No big slab of hype for this kid. My Nexus works like a dream. Is much better looking. Is built with more robust materials.

  • Richy

    More importantly, does that now mean Need for Speed is out!?

  • Boit

    Nerd boner!

  • jp

    been sitting in front of my sprint store for the past 3 hours….only 1.5 hours left till they open.

    @olypdd. are you crazy? your nexus is a great phone and it may work well but in no way is it built with more robust materials?

  • pimpstrong

    went by sprint @ 5:55 and seen a mere 3 campers. 2 of which were women suprisingly. Android’s women:men just went up.

  • Rob

    It’s cool olypdd… I’d be jealous too if I had a Nexus One and couldn’t get an EVO…

  • Deroy

    I’ve a car note to pay and i can’t afford an ETF so what that means is, no Evo for me. lol.

  • SphincterBoy

    Any idea why it’s only $169.99 when you click through the link for the Android Phone Store? Any downside to going this way instead of direct from Sprint (other than waiting for it to ship)?

  • Frank

    Shouldn’t be any downside, Wirefly was advertising the same price (and you could get it down to $120 thru Bing Cash Back even). I’m getting mine for $125 w/free activation after all the credits ($50 spread over the first two bills) and checks ($25 check from StudentRate and $100 rebate from Sprint) clear…. So yeah I paid $300 up front but I’ll save myself $110 in the long run, and I get a free screen protector from InvisiShield to boot. Hard to beat that SR deal, free overnight shipping too so it should be a the office on Monday.

  • Cheap Hard Drives

    I can’t decide whether to go for this or the iphone 4. I suppose Monday’s Apple press conference might help me decide but on things for sure, Android is certainly looking better all the time…

    Do we know if iphone 4 is going to be 4G?

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