Samsung’s Galaxy Tab(let) Spotted In a Twitpic

Samsung’s official South African Twitter account has leaked a shot of the tablet they’re working on – called the Samsung Galaxy Tab – sitting alongside their latest smartphone offering that was released yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S. ┬áThere are no details to be had at the moment, but it is running Android 2.1 with their latest TouchWiz interface.


Not sure if the TouchWiz interface shown here is customized for the tablet, but it does look good either way. The device’s design gives off a very strong iPad-esque vibe, but that’s to be expected after their Galaxy S was described by many to give off an iPhone-esque design (in both software and hardware).

Nevertheless, this thing looks pretty and we can’t wait to get more information from Samsung regarding what we’re in store for with this device.

[Samsung Hub]

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  • pimpstrong

    whiners start your bitchin’. iPhone this iPad that. The SGS is awsome and the SGSpad deserves to sit right next to it

  • PeDe7

    that’s the new iPhone 4.0 and iPad 2.0

  • jonathan

    I would never trust Samsung for support on a phone or tablet.

    I would never want to use this shameful iClone UI.


  • steve

    im gonna need bigger pockets for that.

  • Astridax

    That’s just made my day, everybody else commenting on the device itself, and then steve, “I’m gonna need a bigger pocket for that”. Brilliant :D

  • roryok

    So I trust we’ve all spotted the front facing camera and ‘Phone’ icon in the bottom left of the thing? =)

    It’s also sporting an SD card icon in the taskbar – wondering if that could be for a fullsize SD card slot on the top somewhere?

  • Dave

    why are u even reading this article and leaving comments anyway if u don’t like samsung?? seriously?? if u don’t like it just simply don’t even look at it it’s just that simple!!!

    but i would love to have both of them!!!!

  • jdog

    @pimpstrong Who cares about iPhone or iPad they don’t compare to Android anyways but do you know what the S in Galaxy S stands for, “Shit”. Well maybe not the hardware but the company LOL.

  • phoenix

    jesus, does samsung have no shame?

  • Jonathan F.

    How big does that screen look to you guys?

  • eurodude

    @Jonathan F.
    Looks like a 10 inch screen with the standard samsung netbook resolution of 1024×600…

    IMO the screen is big enough but if the resolution turns out to be 1024×600 I’M soryy Samsung. But then the whole point of the tablet is not there. for a tablet, one would preferably have a 1366×768 resolution as it makes the image more crisp and thus making any text on it more readable. Plus the webs sites don’t need so much scrolling. There is a reason why netbooks are a pain in the *** for surfing some times